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Are You Networked?

+ Meet Customers   + Get Certified   + Use Social Media  

The 2009 economy did a good job of stimulating interpersonal networking. A difficult economy intensifies the value of contacts and credibility. Our industry is ideal for networking because it is small enough to ensure that interpersonal connections can truly translate into action; self-improvement can serve as both a networking endeavor and an upgrade to your business.

Here, we start what will be an ongoing process of keeping you informed on some key areas of networking: associations, certification training, and online social media. We looked for associations that give you the opportunity to mingle with potential customers in the vertical markets—many have AV professionals in their membership ranks and many provide the opportunity for you to educate their members on AV. Look at the details of member benefits and other opportunties, and consider factors such as geographic location: A telemedicine association meeting in your own town may be worth a closer look, but not one two states away. There may be online courses or a single event that suits your needs. A full-fledged membership and committee chairmanship may be just the inroad you need to a vertical. We’ll continue to bring you updates on these opportunties throughout the year. On certification, we check in with the main programs you are no doubt aware of and offer some examples of manufacturer and dealer certification opportunities—these are proliferating and becoming ever more sophisticated. Finally, we take a first stab at social networking. This important trend is also a somewhat inscrutable one, and too big a topic to do justice to in one article. We’ve started with a very basic introduction and will add to the conversation online—as we learn, and as the social networking platform finds its professional voice. We’ll help you get comfortable with these new tools for networking and marketing yourself and your business.

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