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AV Control Systems for Training and Education

Dec 7, 2009 12:17 PM

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Bennett Liles

The critical epicenter of an AV system? Control. Where machines and users meet. While change has come to all AV verticals, the most profound opportunity is in training and education where control systems have evolved along with the AV devices themselves. The success of the whole operation rests on the right balance of flexibility and simplicity.
This webcast: AV Control Systems for Training and Education, examines the building blocks of AV control system design, plots strategies for matching systems to users and offers some tips on how to avoid subtle programming glitches that generate trouble calls and complaints.
We’ll discuss:

  • the mechanics of serial, infrared and contact closure control
  • the differences between RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial control
  • making device drivers
  • installing and programming AV control system processors with integral and external RF touch panel links
  • motorized projection screens, lighting control and remote AC power control
  • how to program sequences, events, conditional control actions and set up device condition monitors to provide automatic email alerts to AV system managers.

AV control network administrator Bennett Liles will take us through the exciting and creative realm of AV system design and installation with his real world experiences in both the technical and the human side of AV control network and interface configuration. Don’t miss this fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of AV control systems design, installation and maintenance with a veteran from the trenches.
Who should attend:

  • System integrators
  • Corporate AV technicians
  • Education AV managers
  • Corporate training managers
  • Church AV technicians

Listen to the archived webcast.

View the Follow Up Questions

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