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AES 2010

Dec 15, 2010 11:41 AM, By George Petersen

New live sound products take center stage.

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DPA’s new Reference Standard microphones are a new series of interchangeable mic capsules (omni/cardioid/shotgun/wide cardioid) and preamp bodies (compact, standard, or standard with low-cut/high-boost switches). The compact preamp bodies include a unique side-exit XLR cable that allows placement in extremely tight quarters, such as lid-down piano miking.

Ideal for live theater or HOW applications, Audio-Technica’s BP893 MicroEarset combines an ergonomically molded earpiece and a miniature omni condenser capsule on a 1in. boom that fits over either ear. A 55in. cable connects the mic to an XLR power module (with settings for flat response or an 80Hz filter) or directly to an Audio-Technica UniPak bodypack transmitter; terminations for other wireless systems are also offered.

Speaking of wireless, AKG showed its entry-level Perception Wireless series, which includes the SR 45 diversity receiver with XLR and ¼in. outputs and a choice of handheld, headworn, or lavalier mic/transmitters that all operate on a single AA battery.

Line 6 showed its new line of XD-V series digital wireless mics, with two handheld models and two lavalier systems. The top-end XD-V70 handheld features seven selectable sounds and timbres digitally modeled on popular live sound mics. All XD-V systems feature Digital Channel Lock (DCL) and Proprietary Data Placement (PDP) technologies and broadcast in the 2.4GHz band.

On the higher end pricewise is Sennheiser’s SKM 5200-II, the next generation of its top-of-the-line wireless handheld 470MHz to 638MHz and 614MHz to 697.9MHz transmitter. The SKM 5200-II’s new Low Intermodulation mode provides a minimum of 7 hours operating time. It’s available in black, nickel, and steel blue and can be fitted with a range of capsules, including Sennheiser’s MD 5235 and Neumann’s KK104 and KK105.

Soundcraft Si Compact

Soundcraft Si Compact


AES provided some interesting new developments in the area of live sound consoles.

Offering full DSP functionality in a small-footprint chassis, Soundcraft’s new Si Compact series digital consoles provide up to 40 inputs to mix in three frame sizes with 16, 24, or 32 mic/line inputs and four stereo returns. Features included dedicated FX buses; onboard Lexicon effects; 16 line outputs and AES; an option card slot for MADI or other connectivity; a Global mode for instant access to pan, gain, and filters; a color touchscreen interface; and motorized faders with FaderGlow.

Soundcraft also announced its 4RU Compact Stagebox for Vi and Si consoles, which offers 32 mic/line ins, eight line outs, eight AES/EBU outs, and two expansion slots for Studer D21m I/O cards. The D21m I/O architecture interfaces with digital platforms, such as CobraNet, Aviom A-Net16, EtherSound, ADAT, and RockNet. A MADI recording interface is also available. The Compact Stagebox connects to the host console via Cat-5 or fiber-optic MADI.

Yamaha Commercial Audio StageMix

Yamaha Commercial Audio StageMix

Yamaha Commercial Audio set up a networking lounge where attendees had hands-on access to Yamaha digital gear in networked audio applications, including EtherSound and Dante, the new StageMix iPad application and AuviTran ASIO Streamer, and wireless tablet control of the Yamaha DME and TXn series amps. We particularly liked the StageMix iPad app, which allows remote control of Yamaha M7CL mixer functions from anywhere within wireless range. Via iPad control, engineers can set up monitor mixes from an artist’s position, directly controlling mix parameters—faders, sends, EQs, mutes, buses, etc. Besides the app (which is free from the Apple iTunes Store), all that’s required is a wireless connection from the iPad to a Wi-Fi access point and an Ethernet connection from the Wi-Fi access point to the M7CLv3.

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