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NSCA Executive Director Authors Book to Benefit Education Foundation

Apr 1, 2013 2:53 PM

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NSCA Executive Director, Chuck Wilson, authored a book titled Under the Social Influence, which focuses on specific influences that can impact a successful life and career. Additionally, all book proceeds will benefit the NSCA Education Foundation, which helps further the education of systems integration professionals.

Wilson reflects on the past 30 years of owning and managing both corporate and non-profit companies, and discusses through humor and real-life stories the impact of cross-generational employees in the workplace. This no-nonsense, tough-love playbook for those struggling to get ahead and those under the influence of negative social situations is written primarily for younger generations entering the workforce. “Under the Social Influence” has also been identified as an excellent tool for managers, owners, and HR professionals to start honest conversations on workplace etiquette, professionalism and respect.

“’Under the Social Influence’ provides valuable insight for both the millennial generation who are struggling to make their mark on the world and business owners who are trying to understand and motivate them,” said Jay Myers, CEO, Interactive Solutions, Inc. “It also contains lots of great tips about using social media in the workplace that could make or break a career.”

“Under the Social Influence” is written to serve as a guide for mentorship in the workplace, a major reason why the proceeds of this book will benefit the NSCA Education Foundation. The book provides for discussion questions at the conclusion of each chapter, addressing anything from workplace attire to “tweets” to goals in life. The Foundation is committed to the growth of the electronic systems industry by providing access to the best and latest education available including networking and mentoring.

“Workforce development through teaching skills and mentoring to imprint values and work ethic is critical to the future success of any business, while understanding the ‘rules of work’ is critical to an individual’s workplace success,” said Kerry Moyer, chairman, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA). “In addition, Chuck artfully points out how finding and practicing balance in our lives outside of work is critical to our happiness. This book offers a step-by-step guide, and the questions at the end of each chapter are spot-on for self evaluation.”

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited into our members companies to evaluate organizational issues where I witnessed so many of their younger employees struggling with work and life balance issues, situational awareness, financial woes, reputation management, workplace drama and of course the addiction to social media,” said Wilson. “After hearing similar stories across different companies, I decided to put my thoughts in writing to share with all generations. Likewise, I’ve seen some very impressive examples of doing it right… we can learn a great deal from those stories as well.”

“Under the Social Influence” is available for purchase at a variety of online retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, those interested in purchasing bulk orders should visit to receive additional discounts.

Wilson is providing opportunities for presentations or workshops based on the book. Many systems integrators are currently using the book as a training tool for new hires. For more information on “Under the Social Influence” or to purchase the book, please visit

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