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New Whitepapers: Mobile Device Control Ecosystem Best Practices

Nov 28, 2012 10:43 AM

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It’s easily become one of the most popular touch points in the industry and even more, it shows no signs of slowing down: Touchscreen phones and tablets have been embraced so tightly by consumers that barely a product launch goes by without new applications that allow control from mobile devices.

As more and more wireless devices are broadening their capabilities past checking Facebook and making phone calls, consumers are turning the heat up on what they expect their smart phones to do, especially as it relates to how they use them within their homes.

From arming or disarming a home’s security system, controlling lighting, and adjusting temperature to turning on the television and turning off sprinklers, if there isn’t an app to control these functions from a mobile device now, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be one in the future—and your clients will want it. And let’s be honest, controlling everything from your phone is not only cool, but it’s also a little edgy, futuristic—and sexy.

Homeowners’ dependency on IP networks and the number of mobile devices per location continues to grow, the modern home is faced with a constant need for increased wireless bandwidth in order to keep all devices working and communicating at all times. For electronic systems contractors (ESCs), this presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

The challenge? ESCs must now be prepared to design and implement secure, reliable, repeatable wireless networks to meet their clients’ ever-growing needs.

The opportunity? Projects like these could be your entry point into more consumers’ homes, allowing your company the chance to deliver a wider range of home technology solutions.

To address these challenges, CEDIA is creating a series of white papers that both examine and recommend best practices for the adoption of mobile devices as a core part of a company’s strategy for a converged Internet-protocol ecosystem in the home. Two white papers in this series have been released.

This first white paper focuses on why an ESC business needs an enterprise-grade wireless infrastructure strategy. The purpose of this white paper is to inspire a change in the status quo that has been established by many years of pairing residential networking products with automation and systems integration.

The transition toward becoming a master of IP infrastructure is not necessarily easy, but the rewards will be great for both project stability and financial performance. But in order for this change to occur, your business will need a clear go to-market strategy and the backing of your entire organization, including management, tech, and sales.

The second whitepaper, Ten Steps to Creating a Robust Wireless Environment for Mobile Device Integration, equips ESCs with a roadmap for creating a sure-fire Wi-Fi solution.

Topics covered include:

· Wireless security and encryption
· Spectrum analysis
· Choosing the right wireless infrastructure

The new white paper is available in the CEDIA Publications section of the CEDIA Marketplace. The document is available free of charge for CEDIA members and is priced at $9.99 for non-members. Additional white papers in this series will be released in the coming months.

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