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New NSCA Member Benefit Provides Visual Tracking of Legislative Issues

Nov 17, 2010 11:22 AM

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NSCA members now have a tool to easily track all of the current legislative initiatives that may affect their day-to-day business. A new, interactive legislative map on NSCA’s website allows members to quickly learn about state and federal issues throughout the United States in an easy-to-understand, visual layout.

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The past few years have presented systems integrators with a variety of challenges, including competitive wages on job sites, continuous pressure from union groups, and employee training and certification, as well as regulations associated with energy efficiency, wireless communications, the EPA, OSHA, and others. As NSCA’s newest member benefit, the interactive legislative map is an efficient way for members to learn about the issues, ramifications, and solutions.

Recently, NSCA members have been requesting assistance on new prevailing wage requirements that have increased their cost of doing business; the new interactive legislative map will help them identify bills that may affect them even before it’s too late when they have passed. This advance notice will provide NSCA members with additional opportunities to communicate with legislators and advocate for the best policies for contractors. Issues are now tracked by state as well as by issue, and members can view the status of the legislation, participate in committee hearings, and see which legislators are supporting bills that may be harmful to business.

“We have witnessed an extreme interest in public policy during the last year with the growing concern surrounding Card Check and prevailing wage,” says Michael Hester, Beacon Communications managing partner and member of the NSCA board of directors and NSCA Government Affairs Oversight Committee. “Providing members with the ability to visually see the large number of bills introduced each year, and what is relevant to them in their state, is a fantastic way for members not only to be more engaged with these issues, but also to witness the value of NSCA membership and all it does to benefit us and our businesses.”

NSCA also updated the government affairs section of its website to provide more information on state and federal issues, regulations, resources, and solutions to help battle many of these growing concerns.

The interactive state map is available only to NSCA members. For more information on NSCA’s public policy efforts and issues affecting the industry, visit

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