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Sep 2, 2009 12:09 PM

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NSCA Fighting for Protection of Wireless Microphones

NSCA has submitted comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in response to proposals before the commission regarding the protection of wireless microphone audio systems. These comments recommend that the FCC do whatever is necessary to prevent new electronic devices from interfering with wireless microphone systems operating in the VHF/UHF frequencies.

In conjunction with Shure, NSCA has examined the various proposals from potential users and manufacturers of new white spaces devices, some of which intend to remove many of the protections necessary to provide an interference-free environment for wireless microphones. These proposals only nominally address the needs of current wireless microphone users and, in many cases, attempt to peel back the protections put in place by the November 2008 white spaces ruling.

It’s essential that the FCC prevent new devices from interfering with wireless microphone systems operating in the VHF/UHF frequencies. This includes, but is not limited to, the types of wireless microphone users that can access and use the newly proposed white spaces geo-location database. The database is still in concept with many operational and access parameters yet to be determined.

NSCA and its partners will continue to work with the FCC and investigate options to ensure a positive resolution for all parties involved. For more information and quick tips for registering wireless microphones, visit

NSCA Education Foundation Awards Scholarships

The NSCA Education Foundation awarded 10 scholarships to students pursuing careers in the commercial electronic systems industry.

Recipients of the scholarships include:
Jesse Ashby, Christopher Newport University, Theatre and Dance
Matthew Ayo, Columbia College Chicago, Acoustics
Jason Denner, Kirkwood Community College, Electronic Engineering Technology
Byron Duarte, Columbia College Chicago, Audio Arts and Acoustics
Gary Fine, Columbia College Chicago, Audio Arts and Acoustics
Thomas Evans, Columbia College Chicago, Audio Design & Production
Andrew Hart, Columbia College Chicago, Audio Arts and Acoustics
John Hayes, Columbia College Chicago, Audio Arts and Acoustics
Tyson King, Kirkwood Community College, Electronic Engineering Technology
Dawn Meade, University of MD University College, Graduate School of Management and Technology, Information and Technology Systems.

Scholarship winners were selected based on their applications, grade point averages, work experiences, and letters of recommendation. In addition to the NSCA Scholarship, Ashby and Hayes each also received a $2,500 Robert Bosch scholarship.

The NSCA Education Foundation focuses on recruiting the next generation of professionals into the commercial electronic systems industry by funding scholarships, NSCA student memberships, and job resources.

“The Foundation’s scholarship program is a major resource for students interested in one of the fastest growing industries,” says Tom Frericks, NSCA Education Foundation president. “With the support of our industry partners and many contractors and integrators, the foundation is able to provide this year’s recipients with financial assistance so they can focus on their education and become the leaders of the next generation of integrators.”

Duarte expressed in his application the desire to improve the electronic and audio industry in his native country of Guatemala. He realizes that a green future will become the norm, and he says he hopes to take the knowledge he is learning now and apply it to advancing the industry in Guatemala. Evans also reiterated this point, and he says he hopes to turn his passion of anything audio into a global—yet personally unique—product. Meade, with more than 12 years of experience in the industry, said there was nothing better than going to work every day and getting to play for pay. Fine described his hopes for his future career as the ability to combine both the technical and artistic aspects of audio systems.

“The synergy of subjectivity and art with mechanical structure and mathematical reason in electronic recording systems and live sound reinforcement systems transcends all other media and mediums,” he said.

The ability to apply passion and technical knowledge to create a more personal experience for a crowd of thousands resided in all of this year’s winners. The industry can look forward to years of great talent entering the workforce.

For more information about the NSCA Education Foundation, visit or call (800) 446-6722.

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