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Key Strategies for 2012

Jan 25, 2012 2:19 PM, By Chuck Wilson

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Despite the recent economic downturn, NSCA and its membership are stronger, more creative, and more vibrant than ever.

Economic Overview

Economic conditions are fostered by reports and even more importantly, by opinion and intuition. I make it a priority to share not only the research, but to promote positive thinking and perspective from a broader viewpoint than our members typically see in their own business.

NSCA’s leadership would like to emphasize that resilience is a key ingredient of happiness and an essential means to adapt and triumph over life’s adversities. A specific skill to discuss is called “putting it in perspective,” which is a perfect tool for these times. We try to address beliefs about the implications of an adverse situation and then guide our members to a more accurate way of thinking about this economic time.

I see the state of our industry remaining as cautiously optimistic. I know everyone is tired of hearing this, but the information I gather shows that while many of the indicators point towards improvement for 2012, others remain less favorable. Flat is the new up, and running a leaner, more efficient operation is the new normal. Profitability, rather than revenue and employment growth, is the measurement for success.

Economic Recovery Driver

Jobs, jobs, jobs. In each report, the common thread is the ability to produce more jobs than the current pace. This vital factor will stimulate others to build momentum. Commercial credit, surety, consumer confidence, a positive business climate, and other indicators will fall into place when the U.S. produces new jobs at a rate higher than the status quo.

Other strategies to evaluate in 2012 include market growth, technology shifts, construction delivery methods, mergers/acquisitions, business valuations, capitalization, surety, competition, and strategic planning.

Attend NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference, March 1-3, in Dallas to learn of these strategies and incorporate them into your business plan to become a more profitable and stable business in 2012.

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