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Keep Up With Industry News and CEDIA News on CEDIA Crosspoint

Sep 9, 2010 12:00 PM

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Looking for information on the latest industry issues, trends, and technology? People are discussing it all on CEDIA Crosspoint. CEDIA members can log in and have instant access to high-profile blogs, news articles, and CEDIA updates with the ability to link to social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. What have people been saying on Crosspoint?

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"There has been a lot of buzz recently regarding the nascent industry of digital home health," Anand Gautam says. "It is clear this industry is about to take off. Millions of baby boomers are about to retire, and many of them need easy and affordable access to health care systems. Although, I am not a baby boomer, I recently went for a routine eye checkup and was handed a bill for $150."

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