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Business Insights For Today’s Integrator

Sep 4, 2012 12:03 PM

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Check out Inside NSCA, a business tips, resources, and helpful advice blog from NSCA’s Chuck Wilson. Subscribe today to receive this popular blog’s updates and help your business succeed. Recent topics include:

· Family First Buy/Sell Decisions - A truly heart wrenching part of my job is helping our members deal with the loss of a key employee, business owner and/or business partner(s). Particularly troubling is when I know the spouses and family left behind and they (their attorneys) reach out to us over estate settlement conflicts.

· Communicating the Vision to Employees Who Don’t Report to You - Business leaders often struggle to motivate and communicate with employees who don’t report directly to them. I witness many situations where conveying an idea, a business philosophy or stating values and goals leads to a break down in staff.

· Where did all the great projects go? - Upon reminiscing with past NSCA leaders last week during the member reception in Las Vegas, we got talking about the typical jobs of today vs. yesteryear. One unanimous observation was that today there seems to be something wrong on every job. Or maybe we have better tools to uncover what we used to sweep under the rug. Here are some of the examples we discussed…

Visit and subscribe to Chuck’s blog and watch his video blogs and questions of the week.

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