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Zigen Zig-HAVEX

Jan 4, 2013 11:57 AM, By Patrick Barron

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Style of RS-232 Connector: DB9

MSRP: $759

HDBaseT: No

Maximum Distance:

· Cat-5: Works up to 225ft. at all resolutions tested

· Cat-6: Works up to 350ft. at all resolutions tested

· Blu-ray player: Cat-5 will not link past 225ft. for 1080p or 1080p 3D. Cat-6 will not link past 300ft. for 1080p or 1080p 3D

The Zigen extender set has more additional features than any other extender tested. Not only does it have a four-port Ethernet switch on both transmitter and receiver, this Ethernet switch provides PoE. It has diagnostic indicators for the link, speed, and duplex status of the network signal. It also has status lights for power, link, HDCP, and mode. The receiver has analog audio, coaxial audio, and toslink inputs, which will embed audio onto the digital signal. On the receiver there are outputs for analog stereo audio, coaxial audio, and toslink digital audio de-embedding. A dipswitch allows the installer to select which type of audio is used. This unit has bi-directional IR as well as the ability to power the set from only one end. There are screw-on power connectors to ensure a reliable power connection that will not come loose if the extender is moved. It is a larger case than many other extenders due to the vast amount of additional connector types available. There are flanges on both ends of each case to give more flexibility with mounting options. The picture was stable and reliable up to a distance of 225ft. using Cat-5 cable and 350ft. using Cat-6 cable. The maximum distance exceeds the specification for HDBaseT.


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