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Windows Home Server-iPhone Fun

Oct 3, 2011 1:43 PM, by Eric B. Rux

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Figure 2

Figure 2

Remote access and an Orb account needs to be set up. You will also want to double-check the locations of the media you want to serve. For example, figure 2 shows that I added "D:\ServerFolders\Videos" as this is where all of my videos are stored. This is all done with the Orb Control Panel. I was impressed with how painless the process was.

Next, download and install the OrbLive Free app from the Apple Store to your iPhone or iPad/iPod. (Orb supports Android, PC/Apple, and other mobile devices as well). Once again, a simple wizard walks you through the setup process.

Figure 3

Figure 3

That's it! I was now able to view my son's basketball game on my phone (fig 3). Orb also supports streaming Hulu, Netflix, and music from Pandora and Sirius, as well as other media sources.

The Orb Free app is a trial. How long the trial lasts is anyone's guess; the website doesn't make this clear. If Orb works for you, the iPhone app is only $9.99. Ten bucks—a steal.

Now that I can share my son's basketball games, I want to try the other streaming options available. This is fun!

Until next month, have fun with your Windows Home Server.

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