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Power Conditioners Technology Showcase

Jan 26, 2011 12:00 PM, By Mark Johnson

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The RGPC 600 RM Pro from Richard Gray¡¯s Power Company uses balanced surge protection design to ensure bidirectional protection and reduced ground interference. The unit features two individually triggered duplex outlets and surge-protected 75§Ù coaxial I/O. Also included is a convenience AC outlet on the front panel.

The iControl management system from SurgeX provides the ability to customize and monitor individual outlets and power settings on integrated IP-addressable SurgeX Series Mode power conditioners, online via remote access. Each conditioner includes eight individually controllable receptacles available in both 15-amp and 20-amp configurations. Multiple rackmount power conditioners can be configured on one iControl system. The system enables the creation and operation of custom sequences across a network, and the system can send email notifications based on user-defined, predetermined conditions and thresholds including outlet status, current draw, power consumption, and rack temperature. SurgeX Green Power enables automated power up/down of selected components on a customized schedule.

Torus Power RM 15 AVR

Torus Power RM 15 AVR

Torus Power provides wall-mount systems as well as standalone and rackmount units. The Torus RM 15 AVR provides power conditioning and automatic voltage regulation with 15-amp capability and 120V input/120V output. The RM 15 AVR provides stable output voltage in the range of 115VAC to 125VAC for any input voltage ranging from 85VAC to 135VAC using a microprocessor to monitor and control incoming voltages. The AVR series provides true isolation (using massive toroidal transformers) and features RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces and a built-in web browser.

Tripp Lite HT7300PC

Tripp Lite HT7300PC

The HT7300PC Isobar audio/video power center from Tripp Lite features 12 AC outlets configured in three filter banks—analog, digital, and high current—with EMI/RMI line noise filtering. Four AC outlets are sequenced and individually controllable. An IR remote control device is included. Dual LED displays plus 12 indicator LEDs show incoming voltage, equipment load and other operating conditions. Additional protected I/O includes gold coaxial, telephone/modem with built-in splitter (one line in/two lines out), and Ethernet connections.

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