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Power Conditioners Technology Showcase

Jan 26, 2011 12:00 PM, By Mark Johnson

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If you take all the technology and innovation that's packed into much of the AV gear these days, how the gear functions basically comes down to theories, developments, and contributions from Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla. As we get more dependent on technology, and as it becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, electrical power is the lifeblood that's needed to keep the wheels of industry turning, keep us connected to the rest of the world, and keep us entertained. Think back to when you may have experienced a power failure and realized just how much we rely on electrically powered devices. The electrical power that we use to operate AV systems, home theaters, digital signage networks, and command and control centers can be rife with AC fluctuations, spikes, and other anomalies, which can result, in the worst case, in damage of the sometimes delicate equipment—or at least its malfunction.

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Enter power conditioners. Designed for smoothing out the fluctuations, taming the spikes, and cleaning up the abnormalities, these systems have become more popular and necessary to help AV equipment perform at its peak and keep it safe from harm.

The majority of the systems are primarily aimed at the high-end home theater or audiophile markets with some systems designed for use in pro AV or recording applications. Some manufacturers also feature larger, wall-mount systems for whole house or large system applications.

Power conditioners to the people

The APC AV S20BLK network-manageable power conditioner features a built-in web server for remote monitoring and control, an RS-232 port, and environmental monitoring. In addition to battery backup, the unit provides automatic voltage regulation, as well as surge protection over AC, coaxial, and telephone lines. The S20BLK features isolated filter banks to control EMI and RFI. Also featured is the ability to sequence powering on or off of the 120V outlets on the device.

Belkin Power Console PF60

Belkin Power Console PF60

Belkin's Power Console PF60 features 13 programmable outlets; Belkin's Phase 6 PureFilter circuitry with isolated digital, video, audio, and HiCurrent filters; and an LCD status display to monitor input voltage and output current on each of the outlets. Advanced overvoltage protection automatically disconnects power from equipment when the input voltage reaches a dangerous level, and it restores power automatically when the voltage returns to a safe level.

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