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What's New: Residential Technology

Jul 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Charissa Young

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Onkyo's 2-channel, stereo-integrated A-9555 amplifier builds on Onkyo's new fourth-generation VL Digital Amplifier technology, which implements hybrid Class D amplification. The amplifier ensures a continuous 100W per channel into 8Ω, and 200W into 4Ω, providing high efficiency with little heat production or distortion. It features inputs for up to seven stereo source components, including two tape/MD record loops, and a high-quality phono preamplifier circuit with discrete RIAA equalization.
▪ Onkyo |


EquiTech's 200 amp 20WQ system expands its power from previous models, providing enough power for large installations. The wall cabinet system has room for up to 20 circuits for hardwiring balanced AC power into a theater room. Measuring 36in. wide, 48in. tall, and 12in. deep, it occupies about the same amount of space as small wall systems, but with twice the power output. The 20WQ is equipped with a Q-type transformer, providing power efficiency during playback and a cleaner bass response.
▪ EquiTech |


Screen Research's TheaterCurve series includes a range of 50in.- to 270in.-width screens. All models feature ClearPix screen formulations that feature THX and ISF certification for its optimal sound and image quality. The curved 1.78 and 2.35 aspect ratios create a cinematic impression of being surrounded by the projected image. The screens are available in both fixed-frame and fixed-frame with lateral masking panels.
▪ Screen Research


The SpinPoint T133 series, Samsung's largest-format hard drives to date, offers 400GB in storage capacity. The featured ATA HD400LD parallel drive and HD400LJ serial ATA drive use 133GB-per-platter technology and a high-speed digital signal processor. Equipped with a 7200rpm spindle speed, 8.9ms average seek time, and an optional 16MB cache buffer, the drive series offers high capacity with fast, reliable data transmission.
▪ Samsung |]


Artison's new Masterpiece LCR speakers attach to virtually any flat-panel monitor 50in. or larger using the G-LCR Grille and Universal Mounting Bracket. Equipped with Artison's DualMono Center Channel technology, the speakers integrate center-channel components into the upper portion of both right and left speakers, eliminating the need for the center speaker. Each Masterpiece speaker contains two front-firing adjustable Vifa XT Super Audio tweeters, two 5.25in. kevlar long-throw midrange woofers, and one 25mm stage tweeter, all housed in black anodized aluminum cabinets.
▪ Artison |

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