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Residential Technology

Feb 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Laura Dixon and Jessaca Massey

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BG's R-600 in-wall loudspeaker, part of the Radia series, features a three-way passive design based on BG's signature line array concept. The R-600 is comprised of four Neo10s and a 10"×5" wideband planar ribbon, which is based on the BG's proprietary technology and is significantly larger than other BG ribbons. Complementing the Neo10 system are 12 Neo3 planar ribbon tweeters, operating from 1.5kHz to 20kHz. Anchoring the R-600's low-frequency section are two long-throw, high-power dual gap woofers, which use a 2in. voice coil, paper/Kevlar composite cone, and an oversized magnet.
▪ BG |


Buffalo Technology's LinkTheater Mini (PC-P1LAN) home entertainment device allows users to easily view digital content such as music, videos, and photos on any product designed to DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) guidelines, from any room in the house. Powered by Mediabolic's middleware, the LinkTheater Mini supports formats such as MPEG-2, JPEG, MP3, BMP, PNG, and LPCM, and can convert WMV, AVI, GIF, and WMA. Includes Buffalo's PC media server software, which includes a transcoding engine for realtime file conversion and consistent playback regardless of the media format; a 10/100 Ethernet port; and composite video and analog audio output interfaces.
▪ Buffalo Technology


Maxent's ThunderPanel family of 42in. plasma displays incorporates MotionDSC II video processors and TrueBlack technology. The displays feature a 60W integrated speaker system, HDMI inputs, RGB input, two composite/S-Video inputs, dual SD/HD component video inputs, discrete audio inputs for each video input, composite video output, and an RS-232 remote control port.
▪ Maxent |


Auralex Acoustics' new pArtScience line of acoustical treatments easily blend into any home décor, at a price flexible enough to fit any budget. The designs were created by studio designer Russ Berger. Initial offerings in the series include AudioTile, SpaceCoupler, and SpaceArray. AudioTile allows home theater owners to absorb unwanted room reflections in an aesthetically pleasing way, in order to provide a more accurate listening environment. The customizable AudioTile is available in hundreds of design configurations to deliver maximum absorption without removing the “liveliness” of the room. According to the company, the SpaceCoupler is the first product on the market that creates a big sound in a small room without custom design and remodeling. SpaceArray diffusors use a seemingly random arrangement to evenly distribute sound in a space, thus increasing the sweet spot.
▪ Auralex Acoustics


Wireworld Audio's 52 series home theater power cords feature a unique flat geometry that exploits inductive and capacitive filtering effects to minimize unwanted power line noise and harmonics and improve the imaging, dynamic range, and resolution of audio and video electronic components. Two low-impedance copper shields on each cord are closely coupled to each of the conductors to maximize capacitive filtering while creating phase cancellation of differential mode noise. This unique configuration allows the 52 power cords to absorb problematic low-frequency harmonics that other cords and power conditioners cannot adequately remove. All models are currently available in lengths of 7ft. and 10ft.
▪ Wireworld Audio


Vizio's L32HDTV 32in. features an HD tuner and QAM digital cable tuner. All Vizio's HDTV LCD models include in-home service, zero bright-pixel defect guarantee, and ATSC off air. The L32 offers high-definition 1366×768 native resolution, 8ms response time, built-in speakers, a universal remote control, PIP/POP, 3:2 pulldown, 3D-comb filter, motion-adaptive de-interlacer, component, VGA-type PC, and HDMI video inputs along with multiple video settings. The L32HDTV will be found at national retailers and online in March 2006.
▪ Vizio |


The floor-standing loudspeakers in Klipsch's Reference series replace the existing lineup, except the RF-10, which remains from the existing lineup. The RF-83, RF-63, RF-82, RF-62, and RF-52 feature titanium tweeters coupled to square Tractrix horns and Cerametallic aluminum woofers. The RF-83 employs three 8in. woofers, while the RF-63 has three 6.5in. woofers. Both use three rear-firing ports and 1.25in. compression drivers. The RF-82 and RF-62 employ dual 8in. and 6.5in. woofers, respectively, and feature twin rear-firing ports and ceramic motor structure tweeters. The RF-52 has two 5.25in. woofers, a single rear-firing port, and a neodymium motor structure tweeter with an integrated heat sink.
▪ Klipsch |


Crystal Acoustic's THX-T3 loudspeaker covers frequencies down to 80Hz as required by THX certification and features high sound levels and flat frequency response. THX Bass Management specifications minimize interaction between speakers and room boundaries. The free-air rotating spherical tweeter with electronic protection avoids diffraction effects. The slim front baffle provides wide dispersion without baffle diffraction effects. Controlled vertical dispersion diminishes ceiling and floor reflections for superior air, soundstage, and imaging focus. The high sensitivity means even a relatively low-power AV receiver or multichannel amplifier can be used as long as it supports multiple 4Ω speaker loads.
▪ Crystal Acoustic

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