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Liberty Wire & Cable Launches new DigitaLinx HDMI AV Solutions

Oct 10, 2007 8:00 AM

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Fiber-optic HDMI Cable

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Liberty Wire & Cable, worldwide supplier of a broad range of wire and cable products for the audio/video trade, including custom installers and systems integrators, has introduced a new group of DigitalLinx digital solutions for custom installation and AV professionals.

The DigitaLinx family incorporates a variety of devices—including digital repeaters, distribution amplifiers, switchers, and fiber-optic solutions—that extend and route DVI and HDMI signals in residential and commercial installations. They provide an enormous number and variety of solutions for installation and AV professionals who find themselves working in a world of merging technologies increasingly dependent on digital information. The well-designed and integrated DigitaLinx solutions keep businesses competitive and profitable, while further expanding the Liberty Advantage.

The new DigitaLinx products include a Fiber-optic HDMI Cable designed to let digital displays—including plasma TVs, digital projectors, LCD monitors, and HDTVs—extend up to 330ft. feet away from their digital video and audio source. Liberty’s patented optical-conversion technology enables noise-free, wide-angle XGA high-resolution viewing at the extended distance.

Other products include 2-In/5-Out and 1-In/10-Out HDMI distribution amplifiers, a 2-In/1-Out HDMI switcher, and a 6-In/6-Out HDMI multiplexer.

DL-HDD25 and DL-HDD110 distribution amplifiers
Liberty’s new 2-In, 5-Out HDMI distribution amplifier, the DL-HDD25, allows one digital video and audio source (such as a DVD player, set-top box, or computer) to be split into multiple digital displays. The new 1-In, 10-Out HDMI distribution amplifier, the DL-HDD110, allows one digital video and audio source to be split into 10 digital displays. On both models, the built-in amplification function enables HDMI signal distribution without signal loss.

Both models are ideal for use in monitoring systems and home theaters with multiple displays, and for testing equipment. Both also support high-quality HDTV resolution up to 1080p, long-length transmissions, and bandwidth from 25MHz to 165MHz. They also comply with the High-Definition Content Protection (HDCP) standard on all channels.

DL-HDS21 switcher
The DL-HDS21 2-In, 1-Out HDMI switcher allows two separate digital AV sources to share one video display. A unique Liberty feature allows easy switching between four digital sources using a remote control unit or a manual switch on the front. The switcher is perfect for home theater system integration, and easy switching between different video sources, since it eliminates the hassle of manually plugging in different HDMI or DVI connectors to view different sources, such as DVD players, satellite receivers, and PCs. It supports HDTV resolution up to 1080p, and is HDCP compliant.

DL-HDM66 multiplexer
The new DL-HDM66 6-In, 6-Out HDMI multiplexer combines the best features of a distribution amplifier and a switcher. It allows six digital AV sources to be split into multiple digital displays. The multiplexer is ideal for home theater system integration and easy switching between different sources. It supports HDTV resolution up to 1080p, and is HDCP compliant.

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