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Expert Viewpoint: Powering the Home Theater 
By Marshall Currier
Factories and other older buildings that have been converted into luxury condos come with a high price tag and thus attract high-end clientele...

SE2 Labs ITC One Home Theater Console Rollout Continues 
By Rebecca Day
SE2 Labs has begun a slow rollout of its much-anticipated ITC One Home Theater Console. The company has shipped 12 systems for real-world testing before putting its distribution program in place next month. A home-theater-in-a-box on steroids for the custom market, the ITC One is currently starring in a dealer roadshow that will conclude in Denver at CEDIA Expo 2008. ...

Japanese Companies Spur Ecycling 
by Rebecca Day
The U.S. could take a page from Japan’s ecycling efforts, especially as the consumer electronics industry heads down the home stretch to the analog shut-off in February 2009. ...

Installation Profile: THX at Home 
By Dan Daley
The remarkable When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions series on The Discovery Channel earlier this year reminded viewers of one of the sore points of those...

Smart Green Homes 
By Michael Goldman
A couple of years ago, I wrote about how high-end residential installation projects we cover in these pages evoke the spirit of the famed House of Tomorrow...

Expert Viewpoint: HD Antennas 
By Kent Martin
At Fry's Electronics in Manhattan Beach, Calif., the fact that an old technology is new again isn't lost on one salesman. High-definition antennas are...

Technology Showcase: Handheld Device Integration 
By Bennett Liles
One need look no further than the nearest living-room coffee table to find one of the most revolutionary devices to impact modern communication: the remote...

Picture This: The New Format War? 
By Jeff Sauer
At CES this past January, there were several companies talking about wireless HD video. And why not? The advantages are clear: Fewer cables in the home,...

Sound Advice: The Media Room Arrives 
By Dan Daley
Builders have been reporting lately that home theaters are increasingly being left out of new-home construction plans as a cost-cutting measure. However,...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Scott Residence, Sedona, Ariz. 
By Jack Kontney
Many traditional integration firms shy away from residential installations, largely because the electronics don't conform to the norms of pro AV connectivity....

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