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Expert Viewpoint: Powering the Home Theater 
By Marshall Currier
Factories and other older buildings that have been converted into luxury condos come with a high price tag and thus attract high-end clientele...

SE2 Labs ITC One Home Theater Console Rollout Continues 
By Rebecca Day
SE2 Labs has begun a slow rollout of its much-anticipated ITC One Home Theater Console. The company has shipped 12 systems for real-world testing before putting its distribution program in place next month. A home-theater-in-a-box on steroids for the custom market, the ITC One is currently starring in a dealer roadshow that will conclude in Denver at CEDIA Expo 2008. ...

Japanese Companies Spur Ecycling 
by Rebecca Day
The U.S. could take a page from Japan’s ecycling efforts, especially as the consumer electronics industry heads down the home stretch to the analog shut-off in February 2009. ...

CEDIA Preview 
By Jack Kontney
As the CEDIA Expo arrives at the Colorado Convention Center in early September, more than 25,000 designers, integrators, architects, and builders are...

Installation Profile: THX at Home 
By Dan Daley
The remarkable When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions series on The Discovery Channel earlier this year reminded viewers of one of the sore points of those...

Smart Green Homes 
By Michael Goldman
A couple of years ago, I wrote about how high-end residential installation projects we cover in these pages evoke the spirit of the famed House of Tomorrow...

Expert Viewpoint: HD Antennas 
By Kent Martin
At Fry's Electronics in Manhattan Beach, Calif., the fact that an old technology is new again isn't lost on one salesman. High-definition antennas are...

Technology Showcase: Handheld Device Integration 
By Bennett Liles
One need look no further than the nearest living-room coffee table to find one of the most revolutionary devices to impact modern communication: the remote...

Picture This: The New Format War? 
By Jeff Sauer
At CES this past January, there were several companies talking about wireless HD video. And why not? The advantages are clear: Fewer cables in the home,...

Sound Advice: The Media Room Arrives 
By Dan Daley
Builders have been reporting lately that home theaters are increasingly being left out of new-home construction plans as a cost-cutting measure. However,...

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