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Russound Banks on Collage Audio System During Collapsing Housing Market 
By Rebecca Day
Russound's Collage will set itself apart from the pack both in target and in features. Comprising a Media Manager module and keypads, the IP-based system supports up to 10 keypads or zones and a somewhat unlimited number of audio sources. ...

Media Center Integrator Alliance Debuts at CEDIA Expo 2008 
By Rebecca Day
Seeking to enlarge the reach of the Media Center in the custom installation world, Microsoft has spearheaded the formation of the Media Center Integrator Alliance(MCIA). ...

Picture This: Video Technology at CEDIA  
By Jeff Sauer
The slow economy dragged attendance at CEDIA Expo 2008 down by a reported 14 percent from last year. But it didn't stop manufacturers from driving video...

Connecting Homes at CEDIA Expo 
By Rebecca Day
Installers who have traditionally felt sheltered from bad economic news by a luxury base immune to market downswings were whistling a different tune at...

Media Distribution Expands To Multiple Platforms Following CEDIA Expo 2008 
By Rebecca Day
It is clear where the future of online content is headed for the custom-electronics industry. At CEDIA Expo 2008, MusicGiants tacked an exclamation point on its video direction with several announcements....

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Sophie's Home Theater, Westfield, Ind. 
By Trevor Boyer
Sophie is a 7-year-old girl who lives with her parents and two brothers in Westfield, Ind. Sophie was born with truncal arteriosus, which means her heart...

Picture This: Opportunity Knocks 
By Jeff Sauer
If you follow AV industry news regularly, you might have already read about the surprisingly strong TV sales over the last few months, despite the poor economic environment the country is in right now...

Expert Viewpoint: Powering the Home Theater 
By Marshall Currier
Factories and other older buildings that have been converted into luxury condos come with a high price tag and thus attract high-end clientele...

SE2 Labs ITC One Home Theater Console Rollout Continues 
By Rebecca Day
SE2 Labs has begun a slow rollout of its much-anticipated ITC One Home Theater Console. The company has shipped 12 systems for real-world testing before putting its distribution program in place next month. A home-theater-in-a-box on steroids for the custom market, the ITC One is currently starring in a dealer roadshow that will conclude in Denver at CEDIA Expo 2008. ...

Japanese Companies Spur Ecycling 
by Rebecca Day
The U.S. could take a page from Japan’s ecycling efforts, especially as the consumer electronics industry heads down the home stretch to the analog shut-off in February 2009. ...

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