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CEDIA Business Toolkit Webinar Series Returns

Mar 15, 2013 4:58 PM

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Everyone wants to know how to bring in more dough. There are several obvious reasons for wanting to up your profits. Increasing profits can be used as a measure of success or performance. Having additional financial resource can be invested in future operations. On the flip side, if your company is not turning a profit it could be a big warning sign. There are a variety of profit-making strategies out there. For your company to succeed, you will need to go beyond the common strategy of get more jobs.

What does your profit strategy look like now? Do you have one? If you don’t that’s ok! We are here to help! CEDIA’s Business Toolkit Webinar series has returned and the theme for this year? Increasing Profits.

Each webinar is moderated by The Shiner Group’s Leslie Shiner and is archived and available to members at any time. Each webinar also includes a tool or template to help you start making changes and implementing the concepts discussed in the webinar quickly. Mark your calendars for this monthly series.

March 27

Increasing Profits: How to Get Paid for What You Do by Managing Change Work

You work too hard to not get paid. In this webinar will cover three key opportunities for you to improve your profitability when change work is involved. Change orders have the potential to eat away at your bottom line if they are not managed well. As the scope or conditions of any job changes, you need to know how to manage your jobs to better track change work. It is vital that you charge for your expertise and additional time because you are paying employees to make these changes regardless. You can increase your bottom line by analyzing your markup and tracking additional income.

April 24

Increasing Profits: How to Measure and Track Employee Productivity

Employees are the lifeblood of your business. Improving employee effectiveness can go a long way to improved profitability. This webinar will cover ways to measure and track employee productivity. Are you currently using timecards to track time by job and by task, this is one option that will be discussed. Other topics that will be discussed include measuring labor utilization and communicating expectations in the field.

May 29

Increasing Profits: How to Create Attractive and Motivational Pay and Bonus Structures

Do your employees know what they can do every day to improve their chances of increased pay or bonuses? This webinar explores different ways to create a pay and/or bonus structure to increase your bottom line, not just your payroll expense. Some of the bonus structures discussed will be net profit vs. gross profit bonuses, alternative bonus plans including bonuses based on labor utilization, and other non-monetary bonus options

June 26, 2013

Increasing Profits: How to Create Job Cost Reports to Stay on Track

Selling the job is just the first step – completing the job on budget is the key to profitability. Learn how to better account for the costs of every job, including equipment and labor. Improve profitability by managing job costs during the job and analyzing the job after it is complete. This webinar will cover determining what information is needed in job cost reports and how to best present that information, how to distinguish between estimated costs to actual cost reports compared to actual revenue to actual cost reports, and uncovering direct job costs hiding in your overhead costs

Check out some of the other business webinars you may have missed, you can access any webinar with your CEDIA member ID at

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