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Technology Showcase: 3D Displays

Feb 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Jay Ankeney

New innovations bring depth to a wide range of presentations.

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Barco claims its new Galaxy NW-12 is the world's first active 3D stereo 3-chip DLP projector with a native WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution that is ideal for videoconferencing installations because it can operate in bright environments, thanks to its 12,000-lumen light output. The Galaxy NW-12's native stereoscopic capabilities let you see both 2D and 3D images simultaneously on the same canvas. The NW-12 includes both passive and active Infitec color-spectrum stereo separation, and it is optimized for multiple projector system integration with edge-blending technology to create one continuous image without blurry overlap zones.

For an even more immersive 3D experience, the Barco I-Space is a multisided cubic environment in which one is completely surrounded by rear-projected virtual imagery. Barco's I-Space can consist of three, four, five, or six walls, according to the user's requirements. The latest news from Barco is that I-Space can now benefit from Duet II, Barco's proprietary active-to-passive stereo converter with patent-pending features that elevate the performance of Barco's passive stereo display systems — such as the I-Space — to new levels of Z-space involvement.

Hyundai IT has been allowing its customers in Japan to see 3D broadcasts since early last year, and now the company is bringing this 3D LCD display technology to the United States with its 22in. Hyundai W220S and 24in. W240S 3D displays. Hyundai's leading position in 3D presentation is boosted by its inclusion of DDD Group's realtime Tridef Technology in its displays, providing 2D to 3D conversion that changes flat-space images into Z-space dimensionality on the fly. Both the W220S and W240S boast 1920×1200 resolution and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. Hyundai IT's latest polarized glasses bonding technology allows viewing natural 2D/3D images by eliminating the screen from moiré, ghosting, and flickering. The Hyundai 3D displays replace the traditional button-control mechanism with touch-sensor OSD control buttons.

If you want a 3D display without compromise for top-floor offices or a top-end screening room, JVC is providing its DLA-RS2-3D configuration that is combined JVC's DLA-RS2 projector equipped with Sensio's new S3D-PRO high-definition stereoscopic video processor. JVC's 3-chip DLA-RS2 projector features the company's patented Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA) technology that delivers high-resolution images with the smooth look of film at 1920×1080 resolution with a native contrast ratio of 30,000:1 — the highest in the industry. Sensio's next-generation 3D processor, used in conjunction with a conventional HD player, processes encoded 3D material into stereoscopic format, allowing users to store and play movies in 3D.

LG Electronic's Flatron M4210D-B21 42in. True3D full HD 1080p autostereoscopic monitor incorporates a fixed lenticular lens enabling an S-IPS angle of 178 degrees. With 25 views, this allows multiple observers to view the 3D images at one time because of a wider viewing angle. The interactive monitor features a built-in Celeron M 430 controller with IP functionality and 1920×1080 resolution. It can use content from still images, dynamic animation, and either 2D or 3D movies. It also offers a new Split Zoom function, a lamp fault sensor, a child lock, and position and tracking controls.

If you want to be able to visualize the projects your engineers are working on in a conference/boardroom environment, Mechdyne has produced an elegant 3D Review Station that should satisfy both viewing convenience and technical accuracy needs. The station consists of a 61in. 1920×1080p-resolution rear-projection system from Samsung with LED lamp-based DLP micromirror chips combined with Mechdyne's own Conduit software running on two PCs — one for the application and one for image rendering. The 3D Review Station sits on an electrically height-adjustable cart on wheels. It comes with a handheld game controller (Saitek) for interaction and a 24in. LCD widescreen monitor for setup and conduit operation.

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