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Large-venue Display Systems

Feb 16, 2010 12:00 PM, By Trevor Boyer

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Draper's new StageScreen for fixed and portable applications can be as large as 60'x18'. The company also goes up to 24ft. wide with its new Paragon/Series V motorized screen with tab tensioning, and 28ft. wide with the Paragon/Series E motorized screen (with a textile-backed viewing surface). According to the company, Draper offers custom sizes up to 80'x30' in a fixed screen and motorized screens up to 28ft. wide. For front projection, Draper says that the most popular surface remains a basic white product, either the M1300 or Flexible Matte White. "Large applications may use multiple projectors across a single screen where brightness uniformity, blending, or edge-matching are important factors to address," Draper's Jim Hoodlebrink says. "This is why the uniform Matte White material is used." This increased demand in large venues has also spurred Draper to introduce a new low-gain, flexible rear-projection material that allows for improved uniformity in applications where multiple projectors are being used.

Elite Screens makes its VMAX Plus4 electric projection screens with seamless material up to 380in. (on the 16:9 diagonal) and stocks available product up to 400in. for immediate shipment. Elite's fixed-frame screens are available up to 206in. diagonal. Like Draper, Elite says that Matte White is the most common surface for big screens. "They are generally used with a more powerful projector," Elite's David Rodgers says. "There is light control in conference halls, and [matte-white material] has uniform diffusion to present a well-lit image to the eyes of the audience regardless of whether they are directly in front of the presentation or off to the side." For environments with higher ambient light, such as houses of worship, ultrahigh-gain material (such as Elite's Starbright7) with contrast filtering is popular. The material creates a narrow half-gain cone that looks great at a distance, Rodgers says.

Vutec offers a wide range of projection screens that are appropriate matches for large-venue projectors. At InfoComm 2009, the company introduced Fusion-HD, which can be designed to fit any application with a preassembled frame or can be suspended from any ceiling structure. The acrylic screen line has a 180-degree viewing angle and rejects a high percentage of ambient light. Vutec also offers a fixed-screen choice called SilverStar, which the company claims offers six times the brightness of comparable screens. Its Lectric II and Vision XTC retractable motorized in-ceiling mounted screens disappear into the ceiling or wall for dust-free storage with the touch of a button.

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