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Large-venue Display Systems

Feb 16, 2010 12:00 PM, By Trevor Boyer

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Most manufacturers of projection screens are seeing increased demand for larger screen sizes. This suggests that for many markets, the drop in high-end projector prices trumps the current economic recession.

In response to increased demand, Da-Lite added a Design Center module to its website, which focuses on large-venue screen design. "We are seeing a lot more requests for large screens and unique screens," says Wendy Long of Da-Lite. "We have made large screens that are curved, cylindrical, star-shaped, dome-shaped, and all sorts of others."

Manfred Freiberger of dnp has a similar view. "Dnp sees a general trend toward larger screens for almost all segments and for all applications," he says. "The main driver for that is that large-venue projectors are becoming more affordable."

Long says that 16'x9' is a pretty typical size to couple with a large-venue projector that offers 8000 lumens of brightness. (Other manufacturers cite similar sizes.) For super-bright projectors and edge-blended projector systems, Da-Lite can go up to 39ft. wide for an electric screen or 90ft. for a fixed-frame screen.

Da-Lite Series 300

Da-Lite Series 300

The latest addition to Da-Lite's extensive line of motorized projection screens is Studio Electrol. With an extruded aluminum case, a gray finish, and screen sizes up to 32ft. wide, the Studio Electrol is well-suited for large-screen applications.

Danish manufacturer dnp says that with large-venue projectors, it typically matches its Supernova Infinity screen, a custom model. Its Supernova One, Supernova Core, and (soon) its Supernova Flex get as large as 120in. on a 16:9 diagonal; the Supernova Infinity is for larger screens. "It is a building-block screen that consists of screen panels that can be tiled to any size," Freiberger says. "There is literally no size limitation—at least we haven't found it yet."

The Supernova line is a high-gain line that uses optical, rather than chemical, filters to enhance a projector's perceived brightness. These filters reject ambient light and reflect only the light from the projector. Among seven filter layers, the most significant is the vertical light-rejecting filter. Two screen materials are available; according to dnp, customers buying larger screens often prefer the better viewing angles of Supernova 08-85 material over the better brightness of Supernova 20-20.

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