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Large-venue Display Systems

Feb 16, 2010 12:00 PM, By Trevor Boyer

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Sharp XG-P560W

Sharp XG-P560W

With the introduction of Texas Instruments' 0.65in. WXGA DLP chip and 0.7in. XGA DLP chip, Sharp has been able to introduce what is considered a price-performance breakthrough in 3-chip DLP projection. The Sharp XG-P560W (5200 ANSI lumens, WXGA native resolution) and XG-P610X (6000 ANSI lumens, XGA native resolution) are priced at less than $15,000, including a standard motorized lens with horizontal and vertical lens shift. Several Sharp large-venue projectors (including the XG-P610X, XG-P560W and XG-PH70X) use an intelligent dual-lamp design in addition to offering two brightness modes (Full Brightness and Eco+Quiet). Dual lamps offer a brightness boost as well as redundancy: In the event that one of the lamps fails during the show, the second lamp continues to operate.

At the extreme high end, Sony employs silicon-crystal reflective technology in its SXRD line of projectors. The SRX-T420 model's 21,000 lumens of brightness and 4K resolution (4096x2160) makes it appropriate for visualization, planetariums, dome theaters, and more. Sony actually manufactures the SXRD line's imagers, as it does for its HTPS LCD models.

Aimed at more mainstream applications, the 3LCD VPL-FH300L projector is Sony's first fixed-installation business projector featuring 2Kx1K resolution (2048x1080). The installation flexibility of Sony's VPL-FH300L is enhanced with five lens options and the ability to tilt the projector freely on the vertical axis. This projector features a two-lamp system that uses two low-wattage lamps (275W) in an opposed layout to produce 6000 lumens.

Last year, ViewSonic launched its brightest projector, the 5000-lumen PJ1173, with a 1024x768 native resolution and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The PJ1173 features manual zoom, horizontal and vertical keystone correction, and a remote with mouse control and laser pointer. The projector also includes features such as progressive scan and video noise reduction for smooth motion performance when viewing video or any kind of animation.

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