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Video Review: Casio Super Bright XJ-S57  
By Jeff Sauer
Casio is probably not the company that first comes to mind when you think about projectors. Nor are you likely to think of projection before watches,...

Video Review: Sharp XG-P560W  
By Jeff Sauer
Over the last dozen-plus years, DLP has earned a solid reputation as the enabling technology behind the industry's highest-brightness projectors. After...

Hitachi CP-X809 

The new Hitachi CP-X809 projector offers networking capability, wireless connectivity, and a hybrid filter—all of which contribute to a low cost of ownership...

Elite Screens StarBright 

Elite Screens announced its StarBright ultra-high 15-gain material in a wide range of its best-selling projector screens. Using an advanced high-contrast filter surface coating...

Video Review: Mitsubishi FL7000U  
By Jeff Sauer
When we think of 1080p, we generally think about it as the native resolution for home-theater video whether it's on a quality home-theater projector,...

Technology Showcase: Home-theater Projectors 
By Jay Ankeney
These are awkward times for the home-theater front-projector business. Despite the fact that prices are dropping even while projectors' features get more...

Video Review: Canon Realis SX80 
By Jeff Sauer
The new Realis SX80, introduced at InfoComm 08 this past June, is the successor to Canon's older SX60 and the SX50 before that. On the surface, there's...

Video Review: NEC NP3151W 
By Jeff Sauer
The trend toward native widescreen projectors is now in full swing in the consumer home-theater market. Additionally, several high-end, high-brightness...

Grand Cinema HT3000 HOST Full HD Home Theater Projector 

The latest high-definition video projector from Italian manufacturer SIM2 combines the flexibility of modular design with the astonishing video performance of the latest-generation DLP 1080p chipset. ...

Mitsubishi XD510U 
By Jeff Sauer
In the projector industry, we're all so familiar with RGB primary colors that it's sometimes a little jarring to think about producing additive colors any other way. Yet RGB is just one imperfect color model that ultimately cannot produce all of the colors we see in nature. That's particularly true when there's a competing goal of producing images that are bright enough to cut through the ambient...

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