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What's New: Video Technology  
By Eric Melin
The Hitachi CP-X450 projector offers 3500 lumens of brightness, and it weighs just 7.7lbs. Striving for less-frequent maintenance, it features...

What's New: Residential Technology 
By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin
High-end sound technology is proving to be a key element in the design of leading hotels, so the presence of an Artcoustic AV system...

What's New: AV Technology  
By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin
The Kramer Electronics TP-551 and TP-552 transmit HDMI signals at 1080i resolution up to 200ft. over two Cat-5e cables without...

What's New: Video Technology  
By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin
The new FL7000U is Mitsubishi’s first ultra-bright 1080p HD projector for commercial, home theater, and education installations. Projecting 5000 lumens with a 1000:1 contrast ratio...

What's New: Residential Technology  
By Laura Dixon and Eric Melin
The Sunfire CRM-2BIP on-wall bi-pole surround sound loudspeaker features the same advanced ribbon technology as other Cinema Ribbon models, but its low-profile cabinet—measuring 3 5/8in....

Hitachi America CPX5 3LCD Projectors Demonstrate Skyview 

Demonstrating the light weight and high performance of Hitachi America 3LCD projectors, Visual Solutions Distributing has sold Hitachi CPX5 projectors to Innovative Markets, the North American distributor of Skyview promotional spheres....

Canon Expands Its LCD Projector Line with Two New Projectors 

Canon has expanded its line of LCD projectors with two new XGA-resolution models...

BenQ Introduces Ultra-Compact CP220c Digital Projector 

BenQ introduces the ultra-compact CP220c digital projector, a highly portable presentation tool for mobile professionals. The CP220c projects native XGA resolution (1024x768) and features a brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens along with the world-class Carl Zeiss lens...

Sharp NoteVision PG-F320W 
By Jeff Sauer
One of the clear trends over the last couple of years, as illustrated by Sound & Video Contractor's annual Projector Buyers' Guide, is the move toward native widescreen projectors...

Technology Showcase: Document Cameras and Visual Presenters 
By Bennett Liles
The role of the document viewer has expanded and morphed into that of a multifaceted presentation center, and the technology's name has evolved right along with it. From the overhead projector to the document camera to the visual presenter, the device has leaped from the table to the ceiling, added digital storage...

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