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Technology Showcase: Home-theater Projectors

Aug 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Jay Ankeney

The most innovative front-projector systems.

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Samsung SP-A800B

Samsung SP-A800B

The InFocus IN83 home-theater projector, the most powerful home-cinema projector in InFocus' lineup, integrates the latest in digital-imaging technology with the 1080p DLP DarkChip4 chipset from Texas Instruments. The IN83 delivers DeepColor support and 1600 ANSI lumens after D6500K calibration. Its 5000:1 native contrast can be boosted to a maximum 15,000:1 by activating the onboard iris. Leveraging the latest Pixelworks DNX 10-bit video processing, the InFocus IN83 also has built-in scaling support for 2.35 aspect ratio.

If you are looking for a cost-effective projector for the kids' room, the entry-level InFocus X10 features advanced tuning of BrilliantColor technology to display HDTV or full-HD (1080p) video with stunning accuracy. Connectivity offered by the InFocus X10 includes HDMI 1.3 with DeepColor support, M1-DA, component video, RS-232 control, and wired-remote and screen triggers.

Upgraded from the DLA-RS1U, JVC's new DLA-RS2U can claim the industry's highest native contrast ratio of 30,000:1 — which is achieved without having to depend on technologies such as a dynamic iris. In fact, the company calls it a “reference-series home-cinema projector.” The DLA-RS2 is powered by three 1920×1080 D-ILA (direct-drive image light amplifier) devices — JVC's version of LCoS — with no color dithering, no color wheel, and therefore no rainbow effect. A high-performance all-glass Fujinon 2X motorized zoom lens enables flexible setup with a ±80-percent vertical offset and a ±34-percent horizontal lens shift to accommodate a wide range of screening-room geometries during installation.

JVC also offers its DLA-RS1X, with 15,000:1 contrast and two inputs with HDMI 1.3 connectivity. The new RS1X now allows for sophisticated gamma settings, letting you optimize the projector for a variety of viewing conditions.

The new 400 series of 1080p home projectors from Knoll Systems — including the 1080p-resolution model HDP460 — are calibrated, pixel-scanned, and QC-tested for burn-in before they are shipped so they can be guaranteed for two years against pixel freeze and dead pixels. The HDP460 — with DLP DarkChip4 and Pixelworks DNX 10-bit video processing — delivers enhanced brightness of 1600 video-optimized lumens with a contrast of 5000:1 native, or up to 15,000:1 by activating the onboard iris. The HDP460 is bright enough to deliver film-standard, D6500K color even with ambient light or daytime viewing. It also has built-in scaling support for 2.35 aspect ratio.

Marantz America recommends its VP-11S2 HD DLP front projector, which was the world's first 1080p HD projector to feature hand-selected Texas Instruments DarkChip4 chips. The VP-11S2 features HDMI 1.3 inputs with DeepColor capability. It also includes the Gennum GF9351 processor, a programmable video processor that can do calculations on the order of 500 million floating-point operations per second. The VP-11S2 is designed for maximum installation ease and compatibility with all types of components and home-entertainment systems. In addition to its HDMI 1.3 input, the VP-11S2 provides HD component video, S-Video, composite video and analog RGB connections, RS-232C serial control ports, and two DC trigger connections that can trigger two independent operations. This allows the projector to reconfigure a dual-aspect-ratio projection screen whenever the aspect ratio of the program source changes from 16:9 to 4:3 or from 16:9 to 2.35.

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