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Video Review: Hitachi CP-X10000

Apr 10, 2009 12:00 PM, By Jeff Sauer

Large-venue projector provides the right combination of price, performance, and features.

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The other features in the three new models are an active-iris-driven contrast ratio of 2500:1 and high-quality image processing, including 12-bit digital gamma and 10-bit signal processing—which matches the image caliber of some higher-end home-theater projectors.

I tested the CP-X10000 with the standard medium-throw lens, but Hitachi offers five other lens options ranging from 0.5-0.6 for the ultra-short-throw USL-801 lens to the ultra-long-throw UL-806 lens with a ratio of 5-9.2. All have powered focus and zoom, and all but the ultra-short-throw lens offer both vertical and horizontal lens shift. Each of these lenses adds a good 25 percent to the weight of the chassis, yet that still keeps the CP-X10000 at a convenient weight for lifting and mounting.

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Something for everyone

Hitachi gives the CP-X10000 a brightness specification of 7500 ANSI lumens, and that, like most brightness specs, is exaggerated—in this case by more than 10 percent. I measured a peak brightness of just less than 6700 ANSI lumens with an average in Daytime mode of about 6400 ANSI lumens. On the other hand, brightness uniformity topped a wonderful 93 percent in my tests, and I measured every bit of Hitachi's 2500:1 contrast and then some.

Naturally, those specs, as well as color accuracy, have a lot to do with configuration. For example, going to Cinema mode drops overall brightness by about 50 percent, but it dramatically increases the color accuracy and the smoothness of the grayscale ramp. In Daytime mode, cyan and yellow are skewed far toward green, which itself is extreme. Blue also moves toward green, but not by as much as the secondaries. Similarly, the Daytime mode grayscale ramp is a serious S-curve with color temperature fluctuating wildly. However, in Cinema mode—and, to a slightly lesser extent, in Normal mode—colors are almost right on, and the grayscale ramp is a nice smooth curve. Those differences in measurements are certainly to be expected, albeit usually not quite as pronounced.

Still, the CP-X10000 is affordable by large-venue standards and offers a wonderful combination of user-friendly features and sophisticated installation options. Although there's a choice between its highest brightness output and its top color performance, the overall package makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of venues.


  • Company: Hitachi
  • Product: CP-X10000
  • Pros: Excellent contrast; good brightness; relatively small chassis for a large-venue projector; price.
  • Cons: Wide range of color and grayscale accuracy depending on setup.
  • Applications: Large venues.
  • Price: $14,999 (including standard lens)


  • Brightness: 7500 ANSI lumens
  • Contrast: 2500:1 full on/off
  • Native resolution: XGA (1024x768)
  • Configuration: 3x1.3in. TFT LCD
  • Light source: 350W UHB lamp (rated 2000 hours in Normal mode, 3000 hours in Eco mode)
  • Lens options: Six powered lens options (0.5-0.6 short throw to 5-9.2 long throw)
  • Standard lens: F1.6-2.2, f=60mm-78mm, zoom 1.3:1
  • Projection distance: 5.6ft.-136.9ft.
  • Screen size: 40in.-700in. diagonal
  • Throw ratio: 2.2-2.9
  • Keystone: ±40° vertical, ±20° horizontal
  • Lens shift: 3.7:-1/-1:3.7 vertical, 1.3:-1/-1:1.3 horizontal
  • Dimensions: 18.7"x10.7"x18.5" (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 28.9lbs. (no lens)
  • Warranty: Three years parts and labor, 120 days lamp

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