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Grand Cinema HT3000 HOST Full HD Home Theater Projector

May 27, 2008 12:00 PM

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The latest high-definition video projector from Italian manufacturer Sim2 combines the flexibility of modular design with the astonishing video performance of the latest-generation DLP 1080p chipset. Sim2’s new Grand Cinema HT30000 HOST system pairs a compact projector showcasing the stunning cabinet designs for which the company is famous, with a discrete outboard video input processor that connects via Sim2’s proprietary, three-line optical-digital High-definition Optical Signal Transfer (H.O.S.T.) system, which is able to link the two over distances up to 750ft.(250m).

The two-piece HT3000 HOST begins with an ultra-compact projector just 17in. square and weighing barely 24lbs., housed in a smoothly modern exterior created by noted designer Giorgio Revoldini, winner of numerous international design awards. Inside, the projector utilizes the latest-generation 0.95in. DLP DMD chip from Texas Instruments to deliver stunning full-HD 1080 progressive imaging. Sim2 adds its proprietary Alphapath light engine, whose precision all-glass optics help to ensure stunningly defined, accurate HD imaging up to full-HD 1080p under real-world installed conditions. Integrated lens shift and digital keystone adjustment, wide-ranging picture size possibilities (50in. to 300in.), and a choice of lenses to provide a broad throw range further make the HT3000 an exceptionally installation-friendly design.

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