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Worship Video Production, Part 1

Aug 5, 2010 10:52 AM, With Bennett Liles

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Editor’s note: For your convenience, this transcription of the podcast includes timestamps. If you are listening to the podcast and reading its accompanying transcription, you can use the timestamps to jump to any part of the audio podcast by simply dragging the slider on the podcast to the time indicated in the transcription.

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Worship Video Production, Part 2
Training a volunteer tech crew and keeping the video operation up and running on five church campuses is a big job....

Michigan’s Kensington Community Church had to find a way for video production in their main sanctuary and in several satellite locations and make it easy enough to train volunteers to do it fast and right. The For-A HVS-300HS switcher fit the bill and video operations director Jeff Reynolds is here to tell the story.

Jeff, thanks for being with me here on the SVC podcast and you’re, I believe, the video operations director at Kensington Community Church. What all do you do in that job?
My job involves maintaining all the video equipment within our church, whether that’s cameras, projection. Pretty much all of that falls under my job description. All of our video switchers and equipment racks that house those pieces of gear are my responsibility and that’s for our entire ministry. [Timestamp: 1:18]

And of course, there’s a huge range of ways that churches use video; it can be anything from a lock down shot in a small church where they just do DVDs or something, all the way up to live music. What sort of place is Kensington Community Church? What kind of style of worship do they have there?
We have our mid-week service is more of your contemporary style of worship and with fault live band, lights, really cool stage, and then our weekend service is more of a seeker-oriented service where we may play a piece of popular rock music to open up the service and then eventually leads into your typical message. It’s very relevant for where people are at today. [Timestamp: 2:00]

OK, and I know Kensington Community Church has a number of different campuses. Where’s the one where you work?
The main campus is located in Troy, Mich., pretty much central to all of our campuses right here in the city. [Timestamp: 2:11]

OK, so you’ve got a lot going on at the different campuses and how are they all using video? Are they all pretty much doing the same thing or is your campus leading the way on that?
The main campus does have a full-blown production control room, and we have five cameras in our auditorium. The other ones vary. We’ve got one that does service an overflow area, so they’re using a multicamera scenario, but then the others, their cameras are basically being used for archive of the service. And we have just with our most recent campus started using a pan tilt zoom camera by Sony so that we can have our whole video team operate in a back room and not be separated. Everybody just runs it from the back room. [Timestamp: 2:59]

At your location, are they doing stuff like IMAG and that kind of thing?
Yes, yes, we do IMAG. We also do overflow IMAG in the room and then overflow to our chapel areas as well. [Timestamp: 3:09]

And the way you distribute that around the church, is that an RF-over-coax thing?
In the campuses, it is. If anything is distributed like to the nursing mother’s room, that kind of thing is all over the schools—RF network. And all of our campuses actually operate out of some of the local schools. We only have one fixed facility. And so that is all over the modulated networks in the schools. Here at the main campus we do have point-to-point coax from room to room, and we do have an RF network as well in this campus. [Timestamp: 3:44]

So on the RF network around the church, the services are just one of a number of sources they can select on the monitors?

So you recently installed some For-A HVS-300HS switchers?
That’s correct.

OK, what’s the particular reason you went with those units?
We came across those units at NAB two years ago, and we were looking for another solution for our campuses. We were running into equipment that was starting to fail or not meeting our expanding creative needs. And started looking around. I was with our main vendor, Advanced Lighting & Sound, and we were just looking around and came up on the For-A and immediately realized that that was the piece for us. [Timestamp: 4:28]

OK, now what kind of sources have you got coming in there? You must have more than just cameras. I mean you got to have some kind of, maybe, text sources for hymn lyrics and things.
That is correct. We bring in two different computer feeds and then we also bring in a DVD player, our video playback system also comes into the switcher. Everything either comes in as VGA/DVI or is upconverted to SDI. [Timestamp: 4:51]

OK, so you got all kinds of formats coming in there.

And what do you feed out to the projectors from that?
We take SDI out to our projectors, and then to our modulated networks, we’re down-converting an analog signal. [Timestamp: 5:06]

OK, and you mentioned a number of cameras that you’ve got at the church where you work. What kind of cameras are you using there?
At the main campus, we use Sony D35 cameras. At one of our campuses, we have a JVC GY-HD250 and then it partners with one of our field cameras on the weekend. Then the other campus that does the overflow, has the overflow set up, is using a older JVC GY-550s. [Timestamp: 5:35]

Ok, so I guess you’ve got volunteers operating all that stuff?
We do, yes we do. Our volunteers are crucial to our weekly operation at all of our campuses, and in all facets of the services, whether it’s the kids’ areas or the technical areas, or what have you, we rely heavily on our volunteers. [Timestamp: 5:56]

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