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Integrated LED Curtains

Nov 19, 2013 2:57 PM

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Beach Retreat has been a tradition for the youth of Houston’s Second Baptist Church since 1978. Though the trips and the morals behind them remain the same, technology and imagery are ever advancing to enhance the experience and create powerful illustrations for thousands of high school and junior high students. For the second year, Second Baptist Church has used PixelFlex lightweight, flexible, high-quality LED video curtains to wow the students and staff alike, and at a price point to fit the Church’s budget.

The retreat production crew used two 18mm and 14 20mm PixelFlex Curtains in collaboration with projection screens to bring life to stories told by pastors during the camps. The curtains were hung behind the narrator on-stage with the purpose of giving the illusion that the audience was not confined in a room by four walls, but rather immersed and engaged in the story itself. Originally, static props were suggested as aids, but the team chose PixelFlex as its creative solution and agreed that the effect would not have been as influential with a simple prop.

The venues that host the retreats often have weight limitations for what can be hung from the ceiling, which offers few options for those who plan the setup. The fact that the PixelFlex panels are lightweight allowed for an easy setup without the worry of flying equipment that was too heavy for the location.

“Last year, we used it [PixelFlex LED Curtains] more like eye candy,” said Mark Sepulveda, global technical director for Second Baptist Church. “This year, it was much more of an integral part of how we were managing the show from start to finish. We essentially wanted to take an entire surface behind the stage and turn it into motion so that the room became smaller and the audience became more engaged with the entire stage as opposed to it being a tunnel at the end of the room that everyone was watching. That was sort of our concept behind building the environment with the PixelFlex Curtains.”

PRODUCT AT WORK: PixelFlex Curtains

Easy to operate and set up (videos and images can be sent to the screen using any computer with a DVI-D connection), PixelFlex LED Curtains are available from low resolution to high resolution, allowing users to demonstrate simple effects or elaborate videos. Each typical screen panel is approximately 8x4, but modifications can be made to meet specific needs; panels can be attached together with PixelFlex’s proprietary quicklock system.

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