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The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Scott Residence, Sedona, Ariz.

Aug 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Jack Kontney

Intelligent AV in the Desert

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Of course, with a commitment like this to the home-theater room, it's no surprise to learn that the Scotts have electronic media throughout their home. A Crestron CEN-iDOC provides an iPod docking station that can access any genre, artist, or even playlists from any of the touchpanels and play it in any audio zone in the home. Video signals are routed through an Audio Authority AVAtrix video-distribution system, a Cat-5 matrix switcher that allows anything burned onto the Kaleidescape media server to be viewed from any television in the house — and there are plenty to choose from.

High-definition flatpanel LCDs from Mitsubishi and LG Electronics are spread throughout the house, all of them controlled by RTI T2-C remotes. On the main level, the master bedroom houses a 40in. Mitsubishi Digital LT-40134 on a Chief Manufacturing MAC-500 wall mount with JWD swing arm. The living room boasts a 52in Mitsubishi LT-52244, and the two offices house LG Electronics 37LC7Ds, each fed by its own H20 HD DirecTV receiver. The kitchen parlor sports a Mitsubishi LT-46244, and the exercise room has a LT-52244 — both hung with OmniMount ULPT-LB tilting wall mounts. Downstairs, the three bedrooms have Mitsubishi LCD sets of various sizes; they are all wall mounted with the ULPT-LB mount. In the casita, a Chief MAC-500 swing-arm mounts hold 37in. LG Electronics LCD panels on the living room and bedroom walls.

The RTI remotes also provide access to the music-distribution system. High-quality stereo sound is available in all the rooms already mentioned — as well as in the dining room, outdoor covered terrace, and living-room patio. Each area is installed with a pair of Bowers & Wilkins CCM626 two-way ceiling loudspeakers, which are flush-mounted for a low profile.


The Scott residence is a fully realized smart home. Crestron Isys touchpanels are installed throughout the home, including a 10in. TPS-4000L master panel and five smaller 6.4in. TPS-3100LB units in key locations. The brains of the system are provided by Crestron's Pro2 dual-bus control system, with a pair of CNX-PAD8A audio-distribution processors providing 16 zones of audio.

In addition to routing AV signals to their desired locations, the Crestron Cresnet control system handles a variety of hardware. It functions from any of these locations or from the wireless RTI handheld remotes. All computers are networked through a Linksys router, with wireless access points distributed for full access from any location in the sprawling house.

In a house of this size, a Vantage lighting system is a necessity. Extended bulb life and energy savings are icing on the cake. A total of 128 lighting circuits are managed, with switch and scene programming done by Hanson to customer specifications.

Another nice touch is the Home Automation OmniPro II security system, which deploys various sensors throughout the property to provide burglar and fire protection as well as heat, smoke, and carbon-monoxide detection. Four Silent Witness (now Honeywell) security cameras feed a Dedicated Micros 80GB, D4 series four-way CCTV recording system. System status — including perimeter door/window unauthorized-entry detection and interior intruder detection — can be monitored on control panels in both the house and casita or remotely via the Crestron Cresnet system.

The system also controls the driveway gate, all HVAC functions, and the power window shades and motorized windows. Remote capabilities from a custom-programmed Crestron CEN-TIA telephone interface provide added convenience.

“Simply call your system from your cell phone and find out what the temperature is inside the house and adjust it before you arrive home,” Hatala says.

The Crestron system provides total control for both the customer and Smart Home Pro. “Virtually every system is IP-controlled,” Hatala says. “Anywhere the owners have Internet access, they have access to their home systems. They can change the lights, monitor the surveillance cameras, arm the security system, program the DVR, and even open the overhead garage doors for a delivery guy — literally anything they can do from the touchpanels in the house.”

The Internet-control capability allows Smart Home Pro to monitor and update systems remotely as well. Firmware updates and troubleshooting can happen remotely, significantly reducing the need to roll out a truck while simultaneously increasing customer confidence. If the Scotts want the touchpanels reprogrammed — even if it's just a new graphic — it can be uploaded remotely.

Now a 13-year-old company, Smart Home Pro has succeeded by providing a combination of design expertise, a broad array of reliable products, and superior service.

“When someone builds their dream home, they deserve a system suited to their unique lifestyle, and we try to provide that,” Hatala says.

That philosophy has been a success, according to Rees. “We do about 90 percent of our business in new construction, so we've worked hard to build a strong reputation with the builders in our area,” he says. “If we can make their customers happy, we know we'll be getting more calls in the future. And despite the economy and the housing market, business has been pretty steady in Sedona. So maybe we've been really lucky, or maybe we're doing something right.”

Jack Kontney is contributing editor, audio, for SVC and president of Kontney Communications (, a content-creation and marketing firm specializing in professional audio, video, and electronics.


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