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Multipurpose Museum 
By Cynthia Wisehart
In the process of the renovation, the New-York Historical Society Museum has not just become a 21st century museum but also a competitive events venue. ...

Whitepaper: Understanding 4D Color  

4DColor—a recent advancement in projection technology—is changing the rules....

Themed AV 
By Cynthia Wisehart
Next month, the Themed Entertainment Association marks its 20th anniversary and its 18th annual Thea awards....

CEDIA 2012 Boot Camps 

As you begin looking at your training schedule for 2012, consider CEDIA EST Basic Residential Boot Camp and Home Theater Boot Camp. ...

Above the Fray 
By James Careless
As the wireless spectrum grows more crowded, noisy, and potentially insecure, Fairview Health Services in downtown Minneapolis found a unique wireless conferencing solution that also suited their third major concern: preserving the integrity of their historical building....

Natural 3D 
by Cynthia Wisehart
What do nature films have to do with the future of 3D?...

Setting the AV Stage, Part 1 
with Bennett Liles
Midori Connolly of Pulse Events and Staging in San Diego, Calif....

Green AV Now 
With Bennett Liles
Sustainable business practices have had time to mature and take root in the AV industry. We know the trend is here to stay, and the early idea shakeout has provided a clearer course for specific businesses to follow. ...

10 Minutes With Project Green AV Founder & Director Gina Sansivero 
With Dan Daley
Gina Sansivero had one foot in AV and one in a green field when she realized that there was a useful synergy between them....

New AV System for New World Center, Part 2 
with Bennett Liles
Brad Gallagher, managing engineer for Pro Sound and Video is going to tell us how this massive AV project came together....

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