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Picture This:
CES 2006
By Jeff Sauer
I have to confess that I didn’t go to the annual Consumer Electronics Show this year with high expectations for new display technology. After all, how much bigger do plasma and LCD flat panels really need to get? And it’s pretty clear that neither of those technologies is going to eliminate the other anytime soon. ...

Medialon Provides Cando With Show-control System For Belgacom 

Medialon teamed with Cando, a video, lighting, sound, and multimedia company, to provide a Medialon Manager show-control system for a conference room at Belgacom. Belgacom is the leading telecommunications company in Belgium and a market leader in retail and wholesale fixed-line telephony services, mobile communications services, and broadband data and Internet services....

NEC Adds Five Projectors to LT and VT Series 

Picture This:
Corrupted Contrast
By Jeff Sauer
I don't know about you, but I'm sure becoming jaded by display industry contrast ratio specifications. No, I'm becoming rather annoyed. It was disconcerting enough when the industry started measuring contrast differently, and we were hearing numbers like 2000:1 and 3000:1. Now some manufacturers are throwing out numbers like 10,000:1...

The Buzz: Install of the Month:
Cross Pointe Church
By Trevor Boyer
Cross Pointe, the Church at Gwinnett Center in Duluth, Ga., traces its physical origins to a high-school gym. That was about two and a half years ago. Now that the church is situated on a campus that was donated to the church...

IMAG in Churches 
By Anthony D. Coppedge
For many houses of worship, IMAG (image magnification) is an attractive technological option for magnifying the action on the church platform — through the use of video-cameras — so that even those far away can see easily...

Installation Profile:
A Vision Realized
By Jack Kontney
When the staff of Southlake Foursquare Church in suburban West Linn, Ore., decided to expand, it had a vision it was determined to realize. The new structure...

Canon’s Realis SX50 Power Naval Simulators For MarineSafety International 

Simulation demands realism, and at MarineSafety International’s Norfolk Training Center, where captains and crew members of tankers, ferries, cruise ships, and military vessels are trained in ship handling to the highest degree of readiness, only the ultra-precise images of the Canon Realis SX50, the world’s smallest and most lightweight LCoS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) multimedia projector, will do....

Installation Profile:
Standout Integration
By Jack Kontney
Every installation presents its own problems. Some are predictable, some not. Customer requirements may prove challenging, or physical anomalies in a facility may prevent tried-and-true designs from being implemented. But finding ways to provide solutions that meet user needs through creative application of technology keeps this industry interesting...

The Buzz: 20 Years Ago in
Sound & Video Contractor
By Mark Johnson
The cover feature 20 years ago this month was The Effects of AC Line Disturbances, a piece contributed by Jerry Whitaker, who pulled double duty as Sound & Video Contractor's RF Technology editor and the editor of Broadcast Engineering at the time. Ron Williamson contributed “DMMs Accessories and Features,” which provided some good information on how to use digital multimeters for electrical measurements and how to best accessorize your DMM for extended measurement capabilities...

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