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OWI Enhances Classroom Audio for Virginia’s Chesterfield County School District 

As many educators often find themselves in the same predicament, Chesterfield County School District’s Manager of Video Technology Brian Jones was recently in the position of a having a new visual system with substandard sound. ...

A New Season of Projector Innovations 
By John McKeon
The projector business alone produced a remarkable proliferation of products and specs that will tend to put price ever closer to the top of the list of purchasing-driving factors and challenge the integrator to define a useful role for himself....

Installation Profile:
Setting the Stage
By Charles Conte
Constructed over an 11-month period with federal funds, the Kennedy Center's Family Theater is part of the facility's five-year, $125 million effort to...

The Buzz: Contractor’s Web Watch  

Stampede's three sales regions (United States, Canada, and Latin America) come together under one online address at its new website,...

LITE Advanced Visualization Facility Opens Doors 

Christie, a major provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment, and industry, announced that it has completed the installation and integration for multiple advanced-visualization environments for LITE (Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise)—one of the world's largest and most advanced 3D immersive visualization and supercomputing facilities....

Home Theatre Doubles as Fortress of Solitude 

“Whenever Superman wants to get away from it all,” notes Action Comics issue number 261, “he retires to his secret sanctuary, the Fortress of Solitude, the most glamorous hideaway in the entire universe!” In Superman’s words, “This is the one place where I can relax.”...

Installation Profile:
Engaging Education
By Dan Daley
You think it's easy keeping a room full of toddlers and grade-schoolers entertained in a museum for 20 consecutive minutes, while managing to actually...

Art Deco and Modernity Mingle in Home Theatre's Design  

Just One Touch Video & Audio Center's created a movie palace blending the style of 1920s Art Deco with streamlined modern touches. ...

Installation Profile:
Total Home Control
By Jack Kontney
We've all heard the stories and seen the pictures—the Hollywood producer's home screening room...

AV Systems Can Be Emergency Lifesavers 
By John McKeon
In mid-teleconference, the meeting chair glances at the touchscreen control panel in front of him and sees: “Fire on fourth floor. Floors 5-10 leave building by east stairs, floors 1-4 use west stairs.”...

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