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Visualization Centers Put Focus on AV 
By Linda Seid Frembes
In the education sector, the development of visualization centers in partnership with technology organizations and industry benefactors are putting a focus on the relationship between AV and IT. ...

Installation Profile:
Immersive Research
By Daniel Keller
Lafayette, La., has become one of the Bayou's high-tech beacons. Long a home to oil and gas exploration, the city's emergence as a nexus for scientific...

Tiny Tools Drive Big Change in Displays 
By John McKeon
Some very small components and fabrication processes are starting to have very large impacts on the projection and display business...

Woodlawn Church can See Clearly Thanks to TV One Monitors 

Michigan-based Woodlawn Church has upgraded all of its television monitoring to TV One monitors. The system consists of a combination of five 15in. color LCD displays, two triple monitors, and a single quad monitor...

PMA Survey Predicts 1080p Projector Growth 

Pacific Media Associates, global market information experts on large-screen displays, has completed its 2006 North American Reseller/Retailer Survey. One result of major interest from the consumer dealers is the prediction that the unit share of 1080p resolution front projectors will grow to 41 percent in 2007....

North Syracuse Central School District Standardizes on Hitachi  

The North Syracuse Central School District in New York State recently outfitted two of its larger schools with Hitachi CP-X265 projectors. ...

Focus On Corporate AV: AV Powerhouse 
By Jessaca Gutierrez
When the Ohio-based Jones Day law firm moved from its Columbus corporate office to a new building in the downtown Arena District to accommodate its growing...

Church Media Roundtable 
By Dan Daley
The worship market has been fertile ground for media technology in the last decade. As church sizes increase, AV media tools are critical to reaching...

Picture This: Digital Quality  
By Jeff Sauer
Most moviegoers would probably recognize the name Even my young children know it albeit with a little contextual help from their Toy Story, Monsters Inc.,...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Steiner Studios Screening Room, New York  
By Trevor Boyer
Deep within the once-crumbling Navy Yard complex in Brooklyn, N.Y., is a screening room where Hollywood directors, producers, and editors convene. There...

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