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AV Motivates Students on Year-round School Calendar

Jul 2, 2008 12:00 PM, By Linda Seid Frembes

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With so many options, choosing the appropriate video for use with the curriculum can be a challenge. "I search by subject and grade level. From there, I watch several videos and decide which ones are developmentally appropriate and which ones align with the curriculum the best. Second-graders usually respond well to music, so if the video has a way of incorporating music into learning, I will select that one," says Hastings, who has more than four years of experience incorporating AV into her classroom.

Students also get involved in using the classroom AV via class projects such as book talks (what previous generations may remember as a book report). "A book talk is a summary of a book that students individually record in Apple iMovie software using the computer's built-in iSight camera," Hastings says. "We also Skype with other classrooms in the building to have in-depth discussions where students ask and answer questions about a book both classes have read aloud."

And for those of us who think assembling a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is the pinnacle of technology skills, Hastings says, "Technology is changing even faster today. My second-graders are taking digital pictures, uploading them, and turning them into PowerPoint presentations. We need to prepare our students to keep up with this rapidly changing technological global society. We need to expose our kids to basic computer literacy skills from the primary grades and build from their technical problem solving skills as they get older."

Hastings recently attended a workshop about using multi-tiered assessment tools. "You can design a system where students are given individualized tests and anonymously click in answers with a handheld remote," she says. "As educators, we need to stay trained and proficient in the latest and greatest technology, so we can make it a daily integration into our classrooms. In this day and age, the technology should go above and beyond word processing. Technology should aid our students' independence to access knowledge and increase their ability to communicate."

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