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Calvary Baptist Church Upgrades Worship Space With New Hitachi CP-X443 LCD Projector

Nov 3, 2005 8:00 AM

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Lacking full blackout capabilities, Calvary Baptist Church chose Hitachi's CP-X443 projector for the increased brightness and clarity it offers.

In a unique demonstration of the long-throw capabilities of the Hitachi CP-X443 LCD projector, Calvary Baptist Church in State College, Penn., recently installed a CP-X443 for its main worship space. Sold through Centre Business Products of Mount Union, Penn., the projector is being used for its worship services, which have grown to 400 people.

As the church has seen its congregation increase dramatically in size in recent years, it chose to expand its worship seating to accommodate the additional churchgoers. “We saw an opportunity to upgrade our worship area, so we cascaded an older projector into an overflow room on the other side of the main lobby,” says ministry associate Bob Barbash.

The church chose to move its existing projector to this smaller overflow area, as its performance had been waning in the large, and sometimes bright, worship space. “The previous projector was working ok, but we were stretching the limit,” Barbash says. “The projector was 34ft. from the 12ft. screen, and we wanted something to reliably and clearly project images and video.”

To that end, Calvary Baptist Church decided on a Hitachi CP-X443 LCD projector. Featuring 2700 ANSI lumens, built-in sound, light weight, and advanced connectivity, along with four built-in 3W speakers, the CP-X443 model provides greater versatility.

“With the CP-X443, we saw much more flexibility lens-wise,” Barbash adds. “Our ceiling is approximately 20ft. high, with the top four to five feet being glass, and we don’t have full blackout capabilities. So sunlight in the room was a factor in choosing the projector. But the brightness and clarity of the CP-X443 is so much greater, it hasn’t been an issue since we began using it.”

For more information on the installation, visit or Learn more about Hitachi’s Digital Media offerings at

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