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ZeeVee Develops Software Update for ZvBox 170

ZeeVee continues to tweak its line of devices for streaming video over coax.

ZeeVee ZvBox 170

ZeeVee ZvBox 170

ZeeVee continues to tweak its line of devices for streaming video over coax. Recently the company said that all new ZvBox 170s shipped from the ZeeVee factory will include the company's new firmware version 3.0, for improved picture quality and new video adjustments. In addition, all existing ZvBox 170s in the field can be upgraded to the new firmware though a free download.

Based on the same technology used by cable companies and TV stations, ZeeVee's ZvBoxes convert any HD video source into an HDTV cable channel for cost-effective distribution over existing coax cabling to any number of HDTVs. The new Zv channel is then tuned in at any HDTV, according to the company. ZvBoxes can be used in HD video and digital signage distribution systems.

ZeeVee's new firmware version 3.0 allows the ZvBox 170 to recreate fast-action scenes more smoothly and to deliver better edge definition for moving objects on-screen, according to the company. ZeeVee officials say the improvements are especially apparent when watching sporting events, which they note is a key benefit because ZvBoxes are widely used to distribute HD sports channels in sports bars and other hospitality settings. The new firmware also allows the user to adjust video settings such as contrast and color saturation for each source right at the ZvBox. The improved picture then flows out to all connected displays, which is easier than adjusting each display individually, company officials say.

"The new firmware took months of development, but the hard work was well worth it." said Vic Odryna, CEO of ZeeVee, in a statement. "At this point the performance of the ZvBox 170 rivals that of HD encoder and modulators costing many times more."

ZvBoxes are available to value-added resellers through a distribution network including AMT, JB&A, Capitol Sales, and AVAD in the United States, plus Positive Marketing in Canada and Duoson in Mexico.


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