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Crestron Adds Features to RoomView

Crestron recently released an upgrade to RoomView Server Edition, its enterprise management and AV helpdesk software program.

Crestron recently released an upgrade to RoomView Server Edition, its enterprise management and AV helpdesk software program. The new version, which Crestron said was in beta testing for several weeks, offers a simple "at-a-glance" view of the entire control system network, and an efficient point-and-click interface that eliminates the need for multiple simultaneous applications.

Among the new features of the latest RoomView Server Edition:

Enhanced user interface, which includes a new tab control that isolates page redrawing to the specific areas that need refreshing.

Direct device control, which allows RoomView to monitor and control real-time-join devices, such as the CEN-UPS1250 Uninterruptible Power Supply, without the need of a processor

Room templates define how a room is added to the RoomView database. Specific fields include Processor, Symbol, Asset, and Attribute information.

Language localization, available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch.

Expanded security policies enable or disable access to the "Send Action" menu in the room tree for any use.

Audible alerts, such as a user-defined audio alarm that plays when receiving an incoming help request or error alert.

Room names in the asset list view, which is a column that displays the room name associated with an asset whenever the asset tab is selected and the list of assets are displayed.

Validation of field type in custom fields allows user input to be validated for proper type so that a string cannot be entered in an integer field; new date and memo field types will be added.

Display room detail from plug-in, which creates links to display the Room Detail View when room names appear in Plug-Ins.

Expanded e-mail addresses for users allows each user to have up to four distinct e-mail addresses.

RoomView is a multiuser resource management program that allows administrators and support staff to manage AV resources, perform remote system diagnostics, track the usage of projector lamps, log network activity, and automate tasks through even scheduling. The program tracks any Creston-based function, including lights, audio levels, motion detection, temperature, and more. The interactive helpdesk feature enables users to send help requests from their touch panel. Support staff can then send text messages back to the touch panel, as well as alert e-mail contacts and launch e-Control 2 Web pages to control a room and its AV equipment.

According to Crestron officials, dealers and users can download the upgrade from Crestron's Web site. They must then uninstall the old version and install the new one. The company offers a guide for walking people through the process.

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