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5-Minute Interview: Lon Troxel

PlayNetwork finalized its merger with Seattle-based AV and networking service provider Crows Nest Entertainment in July, allowing the company to offer its in-store digital video networks with Crows Nest's advertising sales services.

Pro AV:Your strategy focuses on branding a customer's business. Do you consider PlayNetwork to be more of a marketing company or an AV systems supplier?

Troxel: I think we're both. Our approach may to be more of a marketing relationship with our customers, but eventually we're an integrator of AV systems. Through consulting and collaborating in the sales and marketing process, we end up delivering a custom AV systems solution for them.

Pro AV:Has product commoditization shifted the AV sales proposition from selling the best sound and image to an emphasis on the content played on the system?

Troxel: If you serve customers for complete solutions, I don't think the systems side is focused on commoditization. In our case, we try to provide a full solution. Content is always important, but the delivery vehicle of that content is equally important. What we do in our systems business adds value to the overall relationship with the customer.

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