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5-Minute Interview: Ken Goldberg

Ken Goldverg, Chief Executive Officer, Real Digital Media. Headquartered in Sarasota, FL,Real Digital Media provides Internet-based solutions and associated services to support digital signage in advertiser-supported networks. Goldberg was a source in a recent Forrester Research study on digital signage in retail environments.

Goldberg: In the past, there was a definite distinction. However, as networked and interactive applications are appearing in stores, it's most definitely becoming a part of the IT architecture. This means that standards, security, integration, and bandwidth management all matter.

Pro AV:How has digital signage technology changed retail AV?

Goldberg: It introduced a networked application that in many cases provides the justification for broadband at the store. It also offers the ability to generate new revenue sources through the sale of advertising, and is an excellent vehicle for corporate communications, such as training and visual merchandising. In the coming years, both customers and retailers will consider digital displays and advanced audio technologies (often in tandem) both commonplace and beneficial. Technologies that enhance the retail experience without intruding with the actual act of shopping will be the most successful.

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