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Kramer: TP-205A Computer Graphics Video/Audio/RS-232

The Gefen 1:5 Splitter for HDMI over Cat-5 is a rack-mountable unit that allows an HDMI source signal to be split and delivered to five displays, extending four displays up to 150 feet.


Kramer's new TP-205A computer graphics video/audio/RS-232 line twisted-pair transmitter also acts as a distribution amplifier. It's designed for presentation and multimedia applications that require long-range computer graphics video distribution as in schools, hospitals, security, and retail applications. The desktop unit can transmit signals to as many as five receivers via Cat-5 twisted-pair cables. The twisted-pair technology allows a high-resolution video transmission of up to UXGA over 300 feet. The TP-205A also accepts a computer graphics input signal, a selectable unbalanced stereo analog audio signal or digital audio (S/PDIF) signal, and a unidirectional (TxD) RS-232 control signal. Price: $895. Kramer Electronics. 888-275-6311.

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