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Sony Brightens Up With LCD Projectors

Sony has added a high-brightness model to its line of LCD business projectors for fixed network installations.

Sony has added a high-brightness model to its line of LCD business projectors for fixed network installations. The VPL-FX41 is an XGA projector that emits 5,200 lumens and completes a product line-up that consists of the VPL-FX40 and VPL-FE40 4,000-lumen models, says the company.

Each of the series' projectors is designed for networked fixed installations in education, government, corporate, house of worship, and hospitality applications. All are available with optional lenses that allow them to meet a range of short- or long-throw projection needs as well as high-impact multimedia presentations.

"With their functionality, simple operation, and network capabilities, these projectors provide users with the tools to perform seamless presentations," said Jay Chung, Sony Electronics' marketing manager for LCD projectors, in a statement.

The VPL-FE40 offers SXGA+ resolution, while the VPL-FX41 and VPL-FX40 offer native XGA resolution. Each model features 3LCD technology and uses a combination of imaging technologies to enhance presentation quality. Sony's BrightEra technology produces a higher aperture ratio to deliver brighter images than previous High Temperature Poly-Silicon LCD-based systems, says the company, which allows the projectors to achieve increased resolution with quieter fan noise.

According to Sony, BrightEra technology is based on an inorganic alignment layer that produces a stronger bonding of molecules. This makes the panel more resistant to damage from UV rays and increases light resistance, resulting in increased brightness and panel reliability.

The three projectors use 12-bit 3D Gamma Correction Circuitry for accurate gamma correction for uniform image color and brightness across the screen viewing surface. The 3D digital comb-filter separates Y signals from C signals, which emphasizes fine images and shape boundaries.

Users can centrally control and monitor the projectors via a network. The system can also send automatic e-mail reports to designated recipients for scheduled maintenance, including projected lamp life and error reports.

Once the projectors are installed on a local area network, presentations can be projected from any PC on that network, wired or wirelessly.

The VPL-FX41 and VPL-FX41L are expected to be available in November for $6,270 and $6,000 respectively. The others are currently available for the following list prices: VPL-FE40 for $6,000; VPL-FE40L for $5,730; VPL-FX40 for $4,670; VPL-FX40L for $4,400.

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