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Signal Management Products December 2007

Accell Corp. HDMI switch, Hosa Technology Astro-Grip universal hook-and-loop organizer, BTX Technologies soldered connectors...


Accell Corp. introduces its new UltraAV 4-1 HDMI Switch. The HDMI 1.2-compliant switch provides the opportunity to connect up to four HDMI devices to a single display, supporting both audio and video up to 1080p. It also supports HDCP-compatible devices and includes an infrared extender, so the remote control can interact with the switch when it's not in the line of sight. Another feature is a built-in signal booster that supports a cable run of up to 65 feet.
Price: $149.
Accell Corp.


Hosa Technology's latest organization solution is the Astro-Grip universal hook-and-loop organizer. It uses hook-and-loop material to clean up clutter by allowing the user to bundle cords without disconnecting them from their plugs and connection points. Markings at every 3 inches of the 5-yard-long strip allow users to cut a precise length, and the nylon material is environmentally friendly. Cinch the 0.75-inch-wide cable tie at any point by releasing the hook and loop piece on top of the cable.
Price: $13.75 per 5-yard roll.
Hosa Technology.


BTX Technologies added a new product to its MaxBlox family of connectors. The CA-MX35 uses a standard, half-inch, D-style punch, so there's no need for soldering — which allows the CA-MX35 to attach and detach more quickly than soldered connectors, says the company. Designed to be used with a computer audio system, AV system, home theater, or data system, it incorporates labeled terminal blocks on the back of the connector to replace solder tabs. The connector has a 3.5mm stereo mini female-to-terminal block connector with a nut/washer-to-rear mount in a plate or panel.
Price: $9.95 each.
BTX Technologies.


Extron Electronic's new FOX 500 DVI is a transmitter and receiver for long-haul transmission of DVI, audio, and RS-232 control signals over a single fiber. Zero compression, all-digital technology delivers pixel-for-pixel transmission of computer-video images up to UXGA and HDTV 1080p. The FOX 500 DVI comes in two versions. The 850 nm multimode version is for medium-ranged applications up to 492 feet. The 1310 nm single-mode version supports long-range transmissions up to 18.75 miles, but can operate for multimode fiber as well.
Price: Multimode, $2,590 per unit; Single mode, $3,590 per unit.
Extron Electronics.


The PWRS-T10 AC power strip from Tributaries has a flexible design: five of the 10 outlets swivel for connection flexibility. The strip offers surge suppression, noise filtering, and signal-line protection for RJ-11, RJ-45, and F-connector signals, which includes telecomm, network, cable, and satellite signals. It also protects against electromagnetic interference. The voltage-spike feature protects up to 6 kilovolts and the peak current-spike handles up to 192 kiloamps, according to the company. EMI noise filtering extends up to 58 dB of power-cleaning suppression over a range of 150 kHz to 100 MHz.
Price: $80.


The high bandwidth VP-23C multiformat video switcher from Kramer Electronics includes four switcher groups that combine the functions of a 2x1 switcher for Composite video, S-video, and a component video/UXGA, plus a 4x1 switcher for VGA/UXGA type signals. The VP-23C offers Component capability for use with high-end DVD players as well. It's designed for each switcher group to be controlled independently. Local control with 10 front-panel selector buttons and RS-232 commands for remote control are additional features.
Price: $750.
Kramer Electronics.


The FOX HD-SDI fiber optic extender from Extron Electronics allows transmission of multirate SDI video over a single fiber for long distances. The company's zero compression digital technology transmits SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI signals at rates up to 2.97 Gbps. User-configurable modes suit the device well for transmitting and receiving signals for digital signage and staging applications. Because the extender is a transceiver, it can send and receive multirate SDI signals simultaneously between a pair of FOX HD-SDI units. Two models are available: one for short-range applications and one for long-range.
Price: Multimode, $1,990 per unit; Single mode, $2,990 per unit.
Extron Electronics.

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