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Sanyo Rolls Out New Projector

Sanyo introduced the PLV-Z3000, Sanyo's first LCD projector with 5:5 pull-down for frame-accurate delivery.

Sanyo introduced the PLV-Z3000, a 120-Hz 1080p LCD projector with the company's 3D color management system, a 65,000:1 contrast ratio, and advanced lens shifting. It's also Sanyo's first LCD projector with 5:5 pull-down for frame-accurate delivery.

The new projector replaces the PLV-Z2000 and offers Sanyo's TopazReal HD 3D color management technology, which uses 14-bit digital processing and the real-focus HD lens system to address changes in color phase and color level to reach high-quality color reproduction, producing 1,110 more color combinations than 720p projectors, says the company. The new color management system was designed to optimize the potential of Deep Color via the projector's two HDMI 1.3 inputs.

Featuring the 5:5 pull-down mode, the PLV-Z3000 also uses Dynamic predictive Frame Interpolation Technology that employs 120 Hz to increase the smoothness in video reproduction by doubling the frame rate from 60 fps to 120 fps. According to the company, the interpolation technology predicts the motion differences between frames and generates five interpolated images to fill the gaps. Such fast image processing improves the overall resolution and reduces motion artifacts. It also provides accurate reproduction of 24 fps source material, especially from HDTV broadcasts.

The PLV-Z3000 is rated at 1,200 ANSI lumens. Its lens-shifting function allows wide-range vertical shifting to three screen sizes and horizontal shifting to two screen sizes. It's also capable of projecting a 100-inch diagonal image from 10 to 20 feet away.

"The Flexibility of installation due to our unique lens shifting system and the short-throw distance makes the PLV-Z3000 an excellent choice for home theater viewing," said Mark Holt, vice president and general manager for Sanyo's Presentation Technologies Division, in a statement.

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