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Peer Review: Yamaha T5n

Entertainment Technical Manager Mark Harman reviews the Yamaha T5n networking power amplifier.

MY PICK: Yamaha T5n networking power amplifier

LIST PRICE: $3,799

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT: The amplifier delivers Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems' famous reliability and musical sonic quality in a rugged, road-ready, energy-efficient unit capable of operating comfortably with a true 2 ohm load. It runs cool and quiet. The networking (with the Yamaha ACU-16) provides real-time control and display of amplifier performance.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: An amp with even more power would be terrific. Also, there might be an application for the amplifier to have user-controllable processing onboard.

WHERE I USED IT: Club 88 at Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, Calif. Club 88 is an 800 seat mixed-use venue located 45 minutes northwest of Sacramento (about four miles as the crow flies from Napa County).

MY RESULTS: Our dance club is being used for headliner entertainment use until a new facility opens in 2009. We decided to change our existing sound system, which directed most of its energy at the dance floor, to an array system that would deliver concert quality high SPL sound evenly, all the way to the last row in the house. After careful evaluation, we needed the optimum amplifier to pair with our new array.

The Yamaha T5n gave us the perfect complement to the Geo D. Installation and setup was fast and easy. The amps have excelled at everything we've asked of them during a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week operation. From plenty of power handling for high--SPL acts like INXS to the musically sophisticated detail required for the “hear-a-pin-drop” sensitivity of Crystal Gayle's performance, we've continued to come away smiling by the operation of the Yamaha T5n amplifiers. The networking capability facilitates our pre-performance component check and lets us keep an eye on how the amps are operating during the course of the show. We can see, feel, and, especially, hear the result of Yamaha's dedication to producing an amplifier of unprecedented performance with outstanding sound, power, and reliability.

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