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Peer Review: Sim2 Pro5000 3-Chip DLP Projector

AArmadillo CEO Colin Ritchie talks about the SIM2 Pro5000 3-Chip DLP Pro Cinema Projector.

MY PICK: SIM2 Pro5000 3-Chip DLP Pro Cinema Projector

LIST PRICE: $61,995 ($9,995 for the lens)

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT: Midsize, bright, great contrast, and unique color controls. We calibrate to Rec. 709 and Rec. 601 color spaces, as well as the digital cinema P3 color space. This projector can be calibrated in a few minutes and ready for use in less than an hour.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: We could really benefit from a professional digital, dual-link interface--high-speed dual link across a standard dual BNC connector, which is the normal digital connection in our business.

WHERE I USED IT: We have this unit installed in editorial and color correction suites in Los Angeles, where color management is critical. As rooms reduce in size and accommodate 15-foot screens, the Pro5000 has the performance to deliver images that are sharp and color accurate.

MY RESULTS: Color correction suites and editorial rooms are demanding creative environments that can cost upward of $1 million. Five years ago we were desperate for a smaller, accurate 1920x1080 projector for HD suites. We tested the SIM2 Pro5000 about six months ago and were amazed. It gives off enough brightness to fill a 15-foot screen at the SMPTE standard of 16ftL. We can be creative with room dimensions because of the six lens selections, and we have enough brightness to install the projector behind port glass, which is nice because we can improve noise and air conditioning effects by splitting up the technology and the operator.

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