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Atlas Stadium Series Subwoofer

Price: $1,820 MSRP

My Pick: Atlas Sound Stadium Series Subwoofer AH15SUBS

List Price: $1,820

What I Like About It: I especially like this product because installation is a breeze, and the built-in rigging eyebolts make it easy to hang in a matter of minutes.

I Would Change: The input panel is not waterproof, and we had to add silicone to make it so. It could be modified by adding some type of watertight connector rather than the plastic plate. I have suggested this to Atlas, and the company seems to agree this would improve the product.

Where I Used It: The G. Gilmer Minor III Baseball Stadium at the Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Va. We had been doing some work at VMI, and the school approached us about a design for that particular stadium; they were looking to replace an antique horn system. They wanted warmth in music and good speech intelligibility with good coverage. The outdoor series was the perfect compliment to the stadium series system, and the fact that it's water resistant made it that much better.

Atlas Sound Stadium Series Subwoofer AH15SUBS

Atlas Sound Stadium Series Subwoofer AH15SUBS

My Results: I was impressed with the exceptional low end coming from a horn of this size with only a single 15-inch woofer. Our intention was to get some warmth for the music played when players enter the field and come to bat. Even though the quality of the main loudspeakers is good, the subwoofer gave that little extra punch that we wanted. The whole Atlas Stadium Series is natural sounding without a lot of processing, and the subwoofer fits in sonically and aesthetically with the rest of the Atlas system. Originally, we wanted to put two sub-woofers in the system, but the customer wanted to save a little money, so we started with one. It turned out that the single subwoofer added plenty of kick; you can even feel it in the press box through the concrete slab to which it's mounted.

Peer Reviewer: Jim Hogan, AV sales and project manager, Newcomb/IES Communications Division, Roanoke, Va. Newcomb is a contractor with electrical, mechanical and low-voltage divisions. It offers installation and service.

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