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NetStreams Increases Commercial Product Offerings

Netstreams is making strides in creating products for commercial markets, such as education, government, corporate, and digital signage.

Netstreams, which specializes in delivering audio and video over TCP/IP networks, began as a residential company, but is making strides in creating products for commercial markets, such as education, government, corporate, and digital signage.

Because the company offers a fully IP-based AV control solution, vice president of marketing and business bevelopment Sanjay Castelino believes it is helping to drive the AV/IT convergence. Among Netstreams' most recent products are the commercial versions of the MediaLinX AV encoders and ViewLinX decoder, the MotionXT video stream compressor, the SpeakerLinX controller/amplifier, the AMP2200 professional amplifier, the XT9170-CS constant voltage transformer, the ControLinX IP-to-RS-232 integration product, and new software modules for the DigiLinX multimedia distribution solution.

The MediaLinX (MLAV9300-CS), ViewLinX, MotionXT, and DualDrive, are part of Netstreams' IP-based line of distribution products. The encoder provides real-time encoding of AV signals from a video source, including digital signage players, set-top boxes, and DVD players, converting the signal formats into an AV stream to be distributed over an IP network. ViewLinX offers decoding of a TCP/IP uncompressed AV stream from a standard IP network into an analog or S/PDIF audio signal and a component, Composite, S-Video, or VGA signal for output to a display. MotionXT allows synchronized, high-quality HD video to stream over a 100Mb network, instead of a gigabit network. This has the potential to reduce network infrastructure cost, because multiple HD streams can fit on a single gigabit link.

The MediaLinX MLA9101-CS is also an encoder. This model is a single source component that combines digital encoding of one analog or digital audio signal with control of third-party systems. Compatible with legacy systems, it allows installers to connect multiple audio sources.

SpeakerLinX SL9250-CS acts as an amplifier, working with 70-volt systems, but also serves as the network controller and decodes WAV and MP3 files. It can be used as a controller/amplifier or as a pre-amplifier for the AMP2200, which delivers 100 watts into 4 ohms or 200 watts bridged. The two connect directly via RJ45 connectors. Netstreams' XT9170-CS constant voltage transformer works in conjunction with SpeakerLinX or the AMP2200. ControLinX CL9100-CS is a single IP-to-RS232 integration that provides two-way communication to any RS232 device.

All of Netstreams' IP-based products are compatible with DigiLinX, a multimedia distribution solution with new software modules for Crestron and AMX control systems products. The Crestron integration includes a sample Windows module, sample user interface, a DigiLinX project file example, and the source code and documentation needed to initiate the integration. The modules for AMX include a NetLinX module, a sample user interface, a DigiLinX project file example, as well as the source code and documentation.

"The new commercial multimedia distribution products will help our partners simplify the design and reduce the cost of delivering HD content throughout an facility." said Castelino.

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