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Embracing the Community

One of the more challenging conditions brought on by the ongoing convergence of technology-based industries is the blending of languages.

THE MUCH PUBLICIZED CONSOLIDATION OF THE NSCA Expo with InfoComm's exhibition and the upcoming co-location of NXTcomm with InfoComm '08 in Las Vegas are both signs of the expansion/contraction phenomenon that is currently taking place in our industry. In addition, InfoComm Asia and the Integrated Systems shows in Europe and Russia are signs that this is truly becoming a global industry, sharing many common issues, challenges, and solutions.

But perhaps the most obvious signs of the paradox are right in front of us. The interrelation between AV and IT has progressed to such a point that it is hardly worth discussing anymore. It just is.

Similarly, the interrelation between AV and building design is more obvious than ever. We've come to realize that our little $25 billion AV industry is not an isolated trade after all; we're part of a much larger "community" of professionals. When you look at what we do from the point of view of the end-customer, our success is dependent on working together, as a community.

In recognition of these trends and observations, we offer the new PRO AV. Regular readers will notice our updated look. You'll still find the same solutions-based content that you've come to rely on ? but, like the industry, our scope has expanded. Realizing that it's not enough to offer real-world solutions just for those who work specifically in pro audio or video, we now embrace the community of interrelated and interdependent professionals, including those in the fields of architecture and information technology.

So, this publication embraces the extended community as part of our larger mission is to bring all the pro AV-related industries together. Going forward, we'll accomplish this not only through this printed publication, but also through expanded e-media programs and, soon, live PRO AV events. Expanding, yet contracting. Just like the paradox that is pro AV.

Mark Mayfield

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